Daily Pics 2020…#18.

Good morning everyone on this somewhat snowy day!  It was cold with that strong wind yesterday and there I was, standing outside while it was snowing and blowing, trying to get pictures of the birds.  Yes, I’m crazy.  I should have been inside drinking hot coffee.  That would have been the smart thing to do.  But I have never claimed to be smart.  So I was outside half freezing.  Good thing no one could see me back here.  I did wear gloves this time though, so maybe that makes me half smart.  Anyway, it certainly looked and felt like winter yesterday.  And this morning too for that matter.  Snowing, blowing, cold.  Definitely a winter combination.  And it’s still a long way till spring.

But we still have warm summer wildflowers to look at…


We’ll start with this beautiful and bright wild strawberry flower with it’s cheerful, sunny center.IMG_6752

Followed by this equally bright orange and red ‘spotted touch-me-not’.  This wildflower loves growing in wetter places but will grow most anywhere except the dry rocky areas.

I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#18.

  1. What pretty flowers ! I especially like the close-up shot of the strawberry flower centre ! Exquisite ! The forget-me-nots are new to me…pretty !

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  2. Love the strawberry flower, but clarify me🙄 Where did they saw strawberry in this flower 😒 Crazy name’s 😂😂 So beautiful pictures Steve…💐🤗

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    • It’s because that bright yellow center looks like a red strawberry. Actually, it’s because it produces tiny little strawberries that look like regular strawberries but are not regular strawberries but do taste like strawberries, even better than strawberries but they are much much smaller than strawberries that are regular strawberries even though these are not regular strawberries because they’re wild. Steve’s #1 explanation. I think. If you ever want to get confused just come to me. I can even confuse myself. Anyway, it’s because the fruit is a small strawberry, so it’s called a strawberry flower. Even though it’s white and yellow. Just like a gray tree frog is bright green.

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      • Oh my i didn’t notice that part. How bad.thanks for the clarification Steve 😍🥰 i Wish i could have this plant because i love strawberries 😍😋 No I’m perfectly clear this time except 🙄🤔 what i was mentioning 😳 Oh! Never mind ☺️🐱 Now I’m confused 😂😂.

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      • I love strawberries too,😋😋 they’re my favorite, next to wild blueberries.😃 These wild strawberries are small though, but much tastier than regular strawberries. Very good with oatmeal or pancakes!😀😀🥞


      • You love it too😋😋 It has its unique taste which we love it 😍 and blueberries yes i like that too. We hardly get that here and it’s too costly, whereas Strawberry is lot cheaper than that. Whoever discovered this oatmeal must have this strawberry in mind, as that is a perfect combination when tried with it. With Pancake 🤔 no i never tried as i avoid bread items😒diet part.🤷. You must be sleeping now, Hope you had a beautiful Sunday.

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      • Hi Simon! Yes, I had a great day and just starting another great day! A little cooler, but not bad, only -22C this morning. But it’s warming up to -13!😀🤸‍♂️You don’t eat pancakes?😳 How do you survive?🤔Don’t eat too much of that spicy food,🥵 it’s hard on the stomach and intestines. Bad stuff.😬Have a great evening!😁😸


      • Hi Steve! Very Good Morning from a Good evening part of earth. -13 😳 I’ll still die for that cold. 😜 🥞 Pancakes , instead of pancakes we make fluffy white cakes made of flour we call that idly here home made flour and baked veg curry for side dish ✨☺️

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      • Die at that temp Simon? What would you do with a temp of -65C?😲😲🥶🥶 It can get that cold here, though not this winter. But on those cold days it’s best to stay inside, although most people still go out,😬 have to work still in that cold. Terrible really. But I agree with you, it’s way too cold, even for us cold Canadians.🥶🙀😂🙄Well, I have to go get some medication.

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      • I would’ve long gone at -65C. Are you kidding me, i still wonder how you survive there, whenever i say this to my friends they look at me like WHAT🙄😜 😂 because they never experienced it and never going to. I wonder how people go out in that cold for work, it’s their need and they must work to fulfil their illusions 😸 Okay I’m not disturbing you. Take your medications and workouts. Enjoy the day. Stay warm🥰

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      • Yep, these temps are hard to believe, sometimes even for us. But we survive.🤔🙄 I still wonder why people started to live here in the first place. Must have been crazy.🤪🤣😜 But then, why do we stay? Jobs I guess. If I could, I would be gone!😂😂😹😹


      • Yeah Steve, that’s a good point to ask why people still work there✨🤔 What kind of job’s they do indoors 😳 on that cold climate 🥶 ,🤔 Don’t tell me you stil working 😉 except for Muffin 😸😸 Ever wish to run away from that place 😉?

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      • If I could I would move away from here tomorrow!😂😹🙄We have a couple big lumber mills here, although one is going bankrupt soon.😳 That will hurt the area, a lot of people will be out of work.😬 Those are good paying jobs here. No, I don’t work now, took a very early retirement because of my health.😁😸🙄


      • Great decision to make ✨😉 Lumber Mills 😯 .. big and noisy … How could a lumber mill go bankrupt 🤔😒 i don’t understand these politics 😁. Hope everyone gets a better job. Gud decision, early retirement ☺️. i wish i have some concept like that. Here no one retires 😂😂 except the people work for government 😸.

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      • Retirement is changing a lot here too, more people working into their 70s or longer. Government workers usually retire at 55. Bad management at the lumber mill, should never have happened. I better go, too tired. See you tomorrow!😁😸😴😴


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