Daily Pics 2020…#20.

Deptford pinks

Good morning everyone on this 20-20-20 day!  Just take a look at the title.  That’s makes this a fantastic day.  Plus, it’s Monday, double fantastic day.  That’s fine, you don’t need to agree.  But it still is anyway, for me at least.  It did get a bit cooler overnight though, but not bad for winter.  And the sun is going to shine.  It’s still dark right now, but it is supposed to be sunny today which is nice.  We haven’t been getting many sunny days this winter.  For that matter, we haven’t had many sunny days since last summer.  Oh well, no matter what, the sun still shines brightly even if we can’t see it.  I think I said that before. 

And there are always sunny pics to enjoy…


And first of all we have the swamp smartweed, which is not a weed at all but a very pretty wildflower which can be found along the rocky or sandy shores of lakes and rivers, plus it will grow completely in the water too.IMG_7138

And then we have the panicled aster.  It’s not one of our most showy asters but it is still pretty in it’s white with bright yellow center.  The petals don’t look quite as white as they should because it was a cloudy day.  White asters are not too common in this area.

That’s our selection for today, thanks for stopping by to take a look.  I hope each of you have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


18 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#20.

  1. I agree Steve! What a superly fantastic day it is! 🙌🏼 As we say here in the South, any day we’re not pushing up daisies is a good day! And wow, I didn’t realize it was 20-20-20! Thanks for pointing that out! 😸🥳

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