Daily Pics 2020…#21.

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!  We had a nice sunny day yesterday, though a bit on the chilly side.  But today is supposed to be nicer and much milder.  Speaking of birds, they were sure busy again yesterday.  I think they must be running out of their natural food now so they are coming to the feeder more looking for those delicious sunflower seeds.  I’m always amazed at how many seeds one of those little birds can eat.  They must have a large stomach to hold that much.  Oddly I didn’t see my squirrel yesterday.  He sure was having fun in that new snow on Sunday though.  That was really something to watch.

And now for our pics for today…


And first on the list is this nice, bright “early goldenrod”.  They usually start showing up in July and keep going right through summer.IMG_5190

And here we have the “three-toothed cinquefoil”.  A common white beauty that blooms from early summer right through to autumn.  They are normally found in dry rocky or sandy locations, but will grow most anywhere unless it’s too wet.

That’s our picks of pics for today.  I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#21.

      • This is very interesting. It reminded me of the fire Pokémon, Cyndaquil. Pokémon is probably too modern for your time. It’s actually my husband who introduced me to some of the creatures. Anyways, Cyndaquil is this creature that breathes fire or something and kinda reminds me of a porcupine without the spikes. He doesn’t fare well with water (similar to this flower), and also likes warm places. Fire is weak against water. 🔥💦

        I think a flower such as Bell-sprout would have been more suitable for the “Three-toothed Cinquefoil.” I mean, the name alone would be a great name for a fictional creature. 🙌

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      • I know a little about Pokemon but not much.
        Yes, I think a lot of our flowers could use a name change. Some are beautiful but have terrible names, like the “spreading dogbane”. It’s a beautiful pink bell like flower, nice scent, terrible name. There are a lot like that actually.
        How’s things going at school? Getting settled in nicely?🤔😁😸

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      • Nightshade is also funny name used to describe plants. Much of them are poisonous even though we eat them. Baby’s breath is another name for a flower that doesn’t have a great name. Why would I want to buy something called Baby’s Breath? And yet, that flower is very common in flower bouquets.

        School is pretty intense (not shocked really) and I’m changing my approach. I still get anxiety so that hasn’t gone away. And my mom thinks I’m taking “drugs” or something since I bought an essential oil inhaler from an essential oil shop called Sage. It’s to help keep brain fog away and it’s completely natural. It’s a new product at their store and I know other students who use them.

        I have about 12 essential oil roll-ons which were given to me as gifts, but they don’t hit the bloodstream fast enough. Right now, I don’t take drugs or medications except Tylenol for auras/ocular migraines. I don’t smoke, and I rarely drink. Drinking worsens my tinnitus. Caffeine does too but that’s where I draw the line – I need caffeine in my life. ☕️💕

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      • I often wonder who gets to name these flowers, birds, etc. Some get to be not just unusual but completely stupid. Oh well, I suppose my names would be stupid to some people too, but at least they would be closer to what they should be.😂🌼
        I imagine it must be intense at school, but you’ll be able to get it done. Being able to relax is important. I had to give up caffeine now. Sigh. Now I’m drinking decaf coffee, not really so much different in taste. My heart was racing too much and giving up caffeine helped settle that problem. Still races some at times, but not like before.
        Hope you have a great evening, and week Hilary! Thanks for stopping by today!😁😸⛄☕

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    • Winter roses, or hellebores are a beautiful flower, but I think our climate is a bit too cold for them. They might survive with a good amount of mulch on them over the winter. They would probably grow good in your area.
      Thanks for stopping by!😁😸🌼

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  1. Nice one Steve, Golden rod is different, new kind😉 and the other one remind me of jasmine flower again ☺️ it’s a nice flower too ☺️ and the only flower i remember 😜😂. Good Morning Steve.

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    • Thank you Simon! We have several different species of goldenrod here though they all have a similar look. The cinquefoil is a small flower, only 1cm across. I have never seen a jasmine flower,🤔 except pictures, too cold to grow them here unfortunately.🥶 Have a nice evening Simon!😀😺⛄☕


      • Wish our earth’s could swap each other climate, so that i can come there for a vacation 😂😂. Thanks Steve. Enjoy your morning.

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      • Muffin was fighting another cat through the window this morning, Muffin won.😽😾😾👑🥇 Good thing there is glass separating them!😄😄🙄


      • 🤪😂😂 That was really good is that over voice🤔 glad there was a window between them 🤪😜 I’m sure you wouldve felt like having earbuds 😳🙄😜 My cats fight were like that, over voice, over time i start to chase both of them away 😉

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      • They were busy pawing and scratching the window trying to get at each other!😾😾 A wild fight that one! And the screeching too!🙀😵 I thought someone was getting killed!😀😺😳😲


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