Daily Pics 2020…#22.

Good morning everyone!  How are you all this fine morning?  We had another nice sunny day yesterday, there was some clouds around but mostly it was sunny.  And milder.  So I was able to stand outside taking pics of the birds without freezing, which was definitely kind of nice.  However, there was some other problems to deal with instead.  The birds came down to the feeder, a raven flew low overhead and scared them, he is kind of large and scary.  The birds came back and 2 crows flew by and scared them away.  Sigh.  The birds came back and a flock of rock doves came flying noisily in and scared the birds.  Steve started doing his happy dance, cheered on by Muffin watching out the window.  I came back inside.  I did get some nice pics though.😁

And here are today’s pics of wildflowers for us to enjoy…


Here is the “common buttercup” which I had to photograph in the shade, it’s just too bright in the sun.  These flowers grow almost everywhere providing their sunny brightness all summer long.IMG_7796

And here is a very beautiful flower called “rough hemp nettle”, a rather prickly plant that prefers growing in better soil conditions than most wildflowers around here.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


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  1. Hi Steve Good Morning ✨🥰 rough hemp nettle is quiet damaged isn’t it 🤔 buttercup is mild and beautiful, relaxing ☺️. Interview was awesome, but the position I’ve applied was quite opposite 😂 I am client here and there i should work under a client but designation is same 😳🙄😜 Strange people never disclose such information before interview 😉 But i did well. I’m sure these people will call me back for final round, but I’m going to accept or not🤔 I’m yet to decide. Now I’m thinking about going London or Canada 😁 Enjoy your beautiful day Steve✨🤗

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    • Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture, but the flower of the rough hemp nettle is in perfect shape.📷 I have another pic of it directly from the front, I was going to use that one but then you wouldn’t see the whole flower. Maybe I should post the other one too.🤔Glad to hear the interview went well.😀 Yep, now comes the big decision, should you take it or not?🤔😀😳The warmest places in Canada are Vancouver and Victoria.🤪🌼 Next would be Toronto, London, Windsor and Montreal or along the east coast. But they can get a lot of snow down east. They just had one storm that hit them with 67cm of snow!😲😲 Have a great evening Simon!😀😺


      • That’s totally fine, hope the flower is not offended with my comment. And coming to the interview, from a questionable position i don’t want to shift myself to an answerable position 🙄😒 tough time for my brain 😂 let’s wait and see what they offer me ☺️. Now you are satisfied 🤪 I’m not coming Canada 😂😂 i need a warm place. 😉 I should try Vancouver or Victoria but then my client should say where exactly the job is available 😳. Will keep you posted 😉🤗 Thank you Steve 🥰 Hope you done cooking breakfast 😉

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      • I can understand that, you want to stay in the same kind of position you have now, otherwise you’re going downhill,😲 you want to be moving upward instead!😀😺Best thing is not to make a hasty decision if possible. Check things out carefully. Have a good night Simon!😁😸🌙😴


      • Thanks for the best piece of advice Steve🤗 I’m going to say NO even they call me up for the final round with desired salary package. I’m done with this. Two more in the bucket. Should visit very soon, waiting for a call☺️ Yet to sleep Steve, my book and my eyes and it happens on the flow .. 😉😸 Enjoy the day Steve, hope you are done with your workouts.

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      • It’s a nice mild day, cloudy, -8C maybe I can get some pics today. Yep, first round of workout is done. It’s split into 3 parts for the day, that’s what my physiotherapist wanted. Yes, you need to sleep!😁😸😴😴


      • Good Night Steve, Hope your day was wonderful ☺️🤗 -8 🥶 you can see outside right 🤔 , don’t let yourself freeze, muffin wants fun 😜 careful on that part taking pictures. Have a peaceful night.

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      • I didn’t even need to wear gloves outside taking pics today, but I was only out there for 30 minutes. I hope I sleep good tonight. Need to get to bed soon. Good night Simon!😃😺🌙😴


      • No problem, tough hands.😄🤪🙄You’re not disturbing me, I’m still here. I shouldn’t be here, but I am.😂😹😜


      • Yep, I’m not actually here, Muffin is answering comments for me until she goes to bed.😹😹😸😸Good night again says Muffin.


  2. Nice photos steve! Funny name by the way”ROUGH HEMP NETTLE” Say hi to muffin from me and have a good day or good night!!!😂😂

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