Nature’s Art…#08.

Hello everyone and here we are once again with our look at art found in nature.  As I have mentioned, that art can be very different things, and all of it is beautiful in it’s own way.  And it’s something we can all find, no matter where we live.  We just need to look around a bit, and we will find things that truly can be called nature’s art.  It can be a dead branch on a tree, a leaf or group of leaves, it can be a dandelion gone to seed, a small shrub in winter surrounded by snow, frost on a window, a rock, some small colorful stones.  All sorts of things can fit into this category and it can bring us much beauty if we are willing to look at things in the right way.

So let’s get started today, and we are going to continue looking at some mushrooms today…


These are called “pear shaped puffballs” and really are quite an interesting mushroom to actually find.  They normally grow on decaying logs, stumps, branches.IMG_9013

I don’t know the name of this mushroom yet, but the thing here is the nice coloring underneath as the sun was shining on top of it.  It was such a nice bright orange type of color, lit up like a lamp.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed today’s pics.  One word of caution, never try eating a mushroom unless you are absolutely sure it is safe.  There are many poisonous mushrooms, so it’s better to stay on the safe side.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


24 Comments on “Nature’s Art…#08.

  1. These mushrooms are really spectacular 🍄
    But as you said, better only just watch them and not eat them unless we know for sure are good for eating! Nature is so beautiful! 🤩

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  2. Yummy yummy mushrooms 😍😍 Canada have lot varieties of Mushroom 🥰 I would try each variety everyday, if i could know which is eatable 😳😉 Orange mushroom is quite beautiful 🥰

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    • Most of our mushrooms can be found even in the US, Europe and Russia, some in China and India too.😁🍄 Unfortunately we also have very poisonous mushrooms here, deadly in fact,😲😲 and they look a lot like the kind we can eat.😬☹ So a person needs to be very careful. But I would like to try some of these this year.😋🍄 So if I disappear, you will know why.😳🍄🍄🙄

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      • So you are saying I’ll be buried before i taste all of them 😋🤪 So that’s the truth anyway 😜 So don’t be so eager to try, we need you ✨😍

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      • I will be careful for sure, I will only eat something I know 100% is safe!😃🍄 There are thousands of different mushrooms around the world,😳🍄 not all are found here though. But I am just checking a small area too, I would like to check other areas.🤪🤪😜😜


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