Daily Pics 2020…#25.

Dog violet

Good morning on this beautiful Saturday!  And it’s also the last Saturday of January.  Hard to believe that this first month of the new year is almost gone.  And that means it could only be 2 more months of winter left.  Last year winter kept going until the end of April.  Actually, it did the year before that too.  And the year before that.  Sigh.  But I’m hoping for a nice early spring this year.  With the snow gone by the end of March.  I like to dream.  And it could happen.  I’m a little late this morning.  That happens too sometimes.  Even Muffin was a bit late this morning, I think she stayed up late again protecting the place from that other cat.  She doesn’t want anyone else moving in on her territory.

Before I get too carried away, let’s look at today’s wildflowers…

rough-fruited cinquefoil2a

And we will start with the “rough-fruited cinquefoil”, the largest of our cinquefoil varieties in this area and a beautiful flower.  In case your wondering, it doesn’t produce any fruit, just seeds.yellow goat's-beard

And here we have another pale yellow flower, the “yellow goats’ beard”, a very common wildflower of late spring/early summer.

And that’s it for today everyone, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#25.

  1. Hahaha! Muffin doesn’t want anyone in her territory! 😂 The yellow goats beard looks stunning! Have a nice day steve! AND you too muffin!

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  2. Okay i love the goat beard, rough-fruited cinquefoil too. And i need to ask you this, Ever wondered how come flowers formed into different varieties, Like Adam and Eve, was there an Adam and Eve for flowers too 😉 What is the first flower of this universe then? 🙂 Hope you done with your breakfast and workouts, Hope your back is fine now, when did you slept anyway?

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    • It took a few years to learn the flowers around here, now I can usually remember the more than 300 varieties, though sometimes I have to look one up. Muffin is very territorial, no other cats allowed, except Scrappy.😀😸😻🙄


  3. Steve, thank you for sharing your photography. I am still waiting to take some “winter” photos here in central Ohio, but the weather has been feeling more like March. My snow shovel has become a lonely implement with very little to do. I may need to take a photo of the shovel instead of a winter landscape.

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