Daily Pics 2020…#26.

Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone!  For those of you who are already well into your day, I hope you are having a good day!  And for those just starting out, I hope it will be a good day for you!  It’s another cloudy and mild day here at Steve’s Country.  Muffin is awake, had her breakfast and is now enjoying herself at the window.  Soon it will be playtime again and perhaps another round of skiffleball.  She was sure having fun with her toy mouse during the night, running, jumping, fighting, tossing.😹  Me, I just did tossing and turning.😂But she was having fun.  She has to keep in shape for our new mystery story which starts tomorrow.

Today I just kind of felt like some bright sunny roses would be nice, although they are not my pics, I hope you will enjoy them anyway…




I hope these bright beauties will help to brighten your day!  Happy Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (rose photos used with permission)

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


31 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#26.

    • Thanks Kevin. I used to grow roses years ago when I had my own garden space, had over 30 varieties. Then I moved to an apartment so had to give up gardening. Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Now you borrowed some flowers from France 🤔 Don’t tell me you travelled all the way to France to get these pictures. 😂 Hope Ilona got married 😉 you still in contact with her right 🤗🤪Have a peaceful night Steve 🤗

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    • Didn’t have to go that far.🤪😜But I did go that far, I just didn’t go that far. I think.🤔🙄No, she’s not married yet, she said maybe sometime this summer.🌞🌳 She’s so busy right now with work, all she does is work and sleep.😳😴 Yep, I’m still in contact with her, not too often though. She doesn’t have much time.🤔😀😺


      • I had all different colors, my favorite were a plum color, such a beautiful scent too, I had a bright red that also was such a nice scent, lavender, fire orange, yellow, even had a green one.
        Yes, that is a terrible thing about apartment living.

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      • Yes indeed, I thoroughly enjoy gardening. The green one was a shade loving rose, if it got too much sun it would turn more whitish. 2 to 3 hours sun was perfect and it would stay a nice green. Wasn’t really my favorite but it was an oddity.😀😺🌹🌸🏵

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      • Green flowers are really very interesting, maybe because there isn’t very many compared to other colors. We have several wild orchids that are green, but are getting so hard to find now unfortunately.🤔🤪😕

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      • True! I love green orchids too! Actually I have one at home but is not all green…it has a few petals green and a few white 😊 but next orchid I’ll buy will be completely green 😉 are so interesting 😉

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