Squirrel Fun 2…A Fun Poem.

Squirrel Fun 2

Branches covered with new snow,

Makes it hard to run, you know.

But that squirrel doesn’t see

Problems here, he runs with glee!

Running fast he clears the snow,

Pushing it all down below.

On some branches he will run

Upside down, while having fun.

How he does that, I don’t know,

Shouldn’t he fall in the snow?

Then he goes right down the tree,

Disappears in front of me.

He runs so fast through the snow,

Rarely stops, and never slow.

But…then he sits beside a tree,

With yummy snacks he got from me.

Now sitting there with his food,

He chatters, thanks, this is good!

Β© 2020 Steve McLeod.

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