Daily Pics 2020…#27.

Peony flower buds

Good morning everyone!  Another beautiful day before us.  Muffin was chasing something again, turned out to be another spider.  I’m glad she pointed it out so I could dispose of it before it turned into a full grown monster.  I was laying in bed yesterday morning when I heard the sound of little feet on my pillow.  It was walking back and forth across my pillow a couple of times which didn’t exactly make me feel too calm.  I knew it couldn’t be a mouse because Muffin was sleeping beside me.  That only left one of these monster spiders.  Not a thrilling thought.  So I got up rather quickly and…nothing.  Impossible.  Not knowing what it was is even worse.  Oh well.  Maybe I was dreaming?  With my eyes wide open.  Or was I dreaming my eyes were open?

As we ponder that thought, let’s enjoy some nice bright summer flowers…


First, a group of old fashioned orange daylilies to share some sunshine on a cloudy day.IMG_6673

And here we have one of my favorite wildflowers, the “common vervain”.  Oh, the daylilies above are not wildflowers, but rather a garden variety flower.

I hope you enjoy this selection to start off our day.  Our new mystery story begins today, Muffin and I are excited about it!  Happy Monday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

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