Coffee With Steve…#2.

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to our second “Coffee” time here at Steve’s Country.  It’s a beautiful mild day again, rather heavy cloud cover, and some light snowflakes drifting lazily to the ground.  Some are dancing among the trees.  Speaking of the trees, every tree and shrub is covered in frost giving them all a very beautiful, sparkling look.  Unfortunately it doesn’t really look good in a picture due to the heavy clouds, just too dull.  Looks nice looking out the window at it however, so I hope you will enjoy some of this natural beauty out there while we have our coffee.

Various games and toys.

The trees closest are not quite so frosty since most of it was knocked off by all the birds out there.  We had some freezing fog Saturday night which is what frosted everything so nicely.  Once the sun comes out I hope to get some pictures quickly.  Thanks Sheree for bringing your delicious goodies again today!  Hi Renee, and Eugenia, you both showed up at the same time.  And here comes Yonnie too, what a nice surprise.  For some reason Muffin is being shy today, I don’t think she got enough sleep last night.

My newest Monopoly game from 1963, plus other games from the 1920s to 50s.

Hi Correne, nice to see you again, glad you could come.  And Suni too, so nice to see you, how do you like your coffee?  Hi Ally, nice to see you today as well.  Oh, look, Muffin is coming out now to say “hi” to everyone.  And there she goes, up onto Correne’s lap, just listen to that loud purr.  Muffin likes talking to Correne’s cat, Teddy.  Today I thought I would show off my collection of old games.  I actually started collecting old board games quite a few years ago, but ran out of space, so I sold them all.  Then I decided to start up again.

One of my old checker boards.

I don’t actually have all of them on display right now, though at Christmas I like to bring them all out.  Games and toys go so nicely with a Christmas display.  In the picture below are some of my older Monopoly games.  It took a while to match up the game pieces with the right boards.  Originally the game pieces and boards were sold separately for the common version, until 1954 when they were finally combined into one box.  There was a deluxe version right from the start which was in one box, but that was too expensive for most people back in the 1930s when Monopoly came out.

The game to the left is an old game from the 1920s, not part of the Monopoly game.

Old games make a nice collection, they can be quite decorative, and if complete they can be very fun to play.  And old game boards, like checker boards, Chinese checkers and others are a very nice colorful addition for a game display.  I could talk a lot about old games, but I don’t want to bore you with all that information today, it would take too long.

Well, it looks like our time is running out once again, it was so nice to have everyone join Muffin and I for another coffee time.  Thank you all for coming out today.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

50 Comments on “Coffee With Steve…#2.

  1. Thanks for the coffee Steve! It really hit the spot! ☕️ There’s nothing like a coffee break with friends! 🙂 Those games are awesome! When my brother and I were growing up, checkers, monopoly, Sorry, Rummy, Bingo, as well as various card games were our favorite. I love Sorry. Whose up for a game?

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    • Yeah, I like the old board games. Monopoly, Sorry, Stratego, checkers, crokinole, Scrabble, Stadium checkers, all fun games. Amazing how many games have come and gone. I’m still looking for an old crokinole game, I think Muffin would love that one!😄😸


    • Thank you so much for joining us today Parker and thanks too for following Steve’s Country! I hope you will continue to enjoy it here, a place to relax and get a smile!

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  2. Hi Steve and Muffin thanks for the coffee break, very nice.
    I like your selection of vehicles and board games.
    As kids we had Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Draughts, Cards usually cribbage and 500, and a Hornby Train Set.

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  3. Good combination of coffee, cake and a board game ! At church we have a crokinole tournament held on New Year’s Eve …my favourite games are Scrabble, Checkers, Chess…

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    • Thanks for joining our coffee time Sharon! Cool, a crokinole tournament! I didn’t know chess was among your favorite games. Have a great evening!


  4. Hi Steve! I thought you never been into any sport, Lot of finger sports Steve and brain sports 🙄😳 Strange, you play these many 🤔 with muffin 😯😸 Sorry I’m not good at any of these 🙄🤔plus i dont even know lot of it 😒😁 that means I’ve been a good kid isn’t it 😜😉 i can say that to myself as no one says around 🤗 Enjoy the beautiful day Steve ✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s one thing about these old board games, easy to learn and play.😀😀😺😺 And they are a lot of fun! Even some of the ones that might seem to be for younger kids.🤔🙄😄 I have had some good times playing those with a group of adults and we had a great time!🤪🤪 Something different I guess. But it’s hard to find people now who want to play a board game now. So sad, these kinds of games give us real people interaction which is a good thing.😃 Too many people today are losing touch with reality.😳🙄 I better stop before I get into one of my rants.😂😂Thanks for joining our coffee time (and tea) Simon, have a wonderful evening!😀😺🌙

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      • Thanks Steve for sharing it, it’s true. People lost touch. Their touch is always with the touch screens now. Industries made the human animal into a human by introducing labor and there was still human part left with them, the love affection and people interaction, now we lost that too 😳 people interaction is happening world wide, but they forgot the people next to them. 🙄 Let’s stop my Philosophy or wise words whatever. Then I’ll keep writing about it 😁 time to sleep. Good night Steve ✨🤗

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      • Yep, people have lost touch and don’t even want that personal contact anymore. People now don’t even know the names of the people that live next to them. Not everyone is that way, but certainly a lot. Hope you’re able to sleep good tonight! See you tomorrow today before it’s yesterday tomorrow.😀😀🙄🙄😳

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      • Confusing me again 😜 They don’t even remember their beloved phone numbers and birthday’s 🤔 i wonder if i steal their phone and hack their account they felt like a new born baby again 😉 know nothing about personal life 😸😂 I always advice one thing, stop being mechanical. Let’s not be one of a human robot living mechanical life. Let’s be an extraordinary Human☺️ what u say😁 oops ur bed time. I’m not disturbing Steve. It’s all Muffin plan 😸🙄😋😜🤪

        Liked by 1 person

      • Muffin claims she knows nothing. Somehow I doubt that, but that’s what she says. I told her you tried to blame her. She didn’t like that.😾😾
        I agree, no mechanical me, but people say, “hey, get with the times”.😳😬 Everyone wants to be mechanical. Why?🤔🙄 Oh, right, bedtime, must think about that soon.😀😀😸😸😴🙄


      • 😸 I told her i am not blaming her, as this was part of your plan. Hope you can handle that part 😜 Everyone wants to be mechanical, they think that’s their purpose of life 🕵️ so sad, they forgot they are an extraordinary Animal on planet Earth and can do amazing things 😒. Time for bed Steve 😸✨

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      • Bed! Sounds so good! Can’t yet, have some unfinished business to take care of, it’s been one of those days. My email wasn’t working,😳 my photo program stopped working, 😲right while I was doing something too.😬 Sigh.🙄🤪 Other things too but that’s enough for now. Yes, time for bed I think, good night Simon!😴😴🌙


  5. Thanks for the coffee, Steve. It hits the spot on this chilly morning and so nice to chat with the others. I think games are awesome and remember the old board games. Now, I play games online which is fun but not like the old games. 😺☕️☕️

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    • Thanks for joining us Eugenia!😃☕ Yes, I play the online games too, but I like the more personal contact actually getting together with others to play a game.😄 Seems more friendly and fun,🤔🤪 even though I enjoy the online games too.😀☕

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  6. Steve, I enjoyed seeing some of your board games collection. Many of these classic games filled up my time growing up with five siblings. Thank you for sharing some hot coffee as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So nice to have you join us Richard! Yep, it was enjoyable playing these old games. I have introduced a lot of them to people who really enjoyed playing them too. Have a great evening!


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