Nature’s Art #12.

Hi everyone and welcome back to our fun art in nature series!  I hope your day is going well so far.  It is cloudy and -10C or -14F this morning, and there doesn’t appear to be any wind outside which is nice.  So really, it’s a nice winter morning for us.  And winter is fast disappearing now that January is basically over, just one more day to go.  That means only another 2 months of winter left, hopefully, though it could be another 3 months if it’s like the last 4 winters.  But I’m hoping it will be 2 months, which will make this a short winter of only 5 months.  Last year it was 7 months of winter, and very cold.  But that’s the way it usually works for us.  We get 2 or 3 bad winters, then a nice winter.  We actually had 4 bad winters in a row, so we’re a bit overdo for a nice short winter.

Now let’s forget the winter and enjoy more of nature’s art with…


And we will start with this white coral fungus and although it’s considered edible, some people have a very bad reaction to these so it might be best to leave it alone.IMG_7540

Here we have the “lobster mushroom”.  It’s a weird type of fungus that actually attacks other mushrooms and then takes over, turning them into lobster mushrooms.  They are edible, somewhat crunchy and do have a real fishy or shellfish odor and flavor.  Some people can have gastric problems with these however, so it might be best to try just a small amount at first.

There is our art in nature for today, I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


19 Comments on “Nature’s Art #12.

    • Lobster mushrooms are quite popular with people apparently. We certainly have a lot of those mushrooms around here. Don’t think I would want to try the other one though. And since I’m not a fish eater, I probably wouldn’t like the lobster mushroom either. Still, I might be tempted on that one.😂🤪🍄🍄

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  1. Both looks like something from under sea bed 😍 😍😍 nice one both, but why Lobster 😜 my favourite fish🤪🎏 Okay, i should stop thinking about nonveg now, i am just little careful with corona virus 🤷

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    • Hi Simon, Lobster mushroom is kind of the same color as lobster I guess, I don’t know, never eaten one, way too expensive around here.😳🦀🦞
      Yeah, that corona virus is here too now, that is, in this province, but not close to us. I have to be very careful with these things, I don’t have much of an immune system anymore.😲😬
      Are you on your way home?🤔😃😺


      • 😳😳😳What no fish and it’s pricey 🤷 How do you live without Fish🤔 we have tons and tons of fishes going inside all the human mouth to treat their sweet buds ✨😋😂😋 and it’s super yummy, lobster is my fav☺️ and don’t forget you have a friend here too with weak immune system 😂😂. Pray for us if i dont turn back on blogging 🙄😉😂 😜

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      • Actually we have lots of fish here, this big lake produces a lot of fish each year. No lobster though. I wouldn’t mind trying lobster but I don’t want to pay $40 for one of those things. However, for normal fish, I don’t like fish. Not at all. Not even a little bit.🤪🤪🙄 Terrible things. I know, I’m a terrible person. Like when I was in France, everywhere I went, fish, fish, fish.😲😳😲 I want steak, they look at me like I’m crazy. 🤔😜🙄Sigh. Watch out for that virus, be careful, don’t take chances.😬😷 I have to go shopping now, talk later!😀😺⛄

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      • You don’t like fish 🙄🤔 that’s strange, what if i tell you, we human evolved from a fish😋😜🤪 lobster is kind of tasty one among the fishes. Steak no not at all 🤪 except beef 😁 no chances at all, will be careful ✨💪 Thanks Steve 🤗

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      • I used to do a lot of fishing at one time, but I gave them away or used them for fertilizer for my garden if they were just small ones.🤔🙄🤪 My ancestors didn’t come from a fish!😂😹🙄
        Enjoy your night Simon!😃🌙😴

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