Coffee With Steve #3.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our coffee time series!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday, and, we have something exciting to add to our Monday!  It’s International Springcat Day today!  I decided it needed a name, so that’s it.  This follows the time worn tradition of Groundhog Day, but as I mentioned earlier, Muffin said she can forecast better than a rodent.  So we’ll see if she’s right or not.  So at precisely 9 am (we don’t get any sunshine before that), Muffin checked whether she could see her shadow or not.

A bunch of blue and white in my kitchen area. Can you tell I like blue?

We were hoping for 10 cheers but Muffin didn’t quite make it, but that’s okay, the fun went on anyway.  If she sees her shadow it means 6 more weeks of winter, no shadow means an early spring.  So what was it?  She didn’t see her shadow!  An early spring is on the way!  To be quite honest, for us up here in the north, either way it works good for us. An early spring means around the end of March, so seeing her shadow would have been better as that would be mid March. But it’s still great!  If she’s right.  We’ll see.

A nice old hooked rug from 1905

Muffin and I are so happy to see everyone show up for coffee today, it’s always a bright spot in our week.  And we do have more than just coffee, there’s tea, herbal tea and hot chocolate too.  Even milk tea is available.  Hi Renee, I see you showed up first today, and there’s Lydia right behind you.  Hi Keziah, nice to see you here as well.  Just grab and chair while I get you something to drink.  I see Ribana has just arrived too, how are you today?  Coffee is ready for everyone.  Hi Pene, good to see you again.  Hi Ross, nice that you could come today.  Hi Tiffany, nice to see you back again too.

I thought I would just kind of give everyone a general look around my apartment today and next time we will take a look at some specific items again.  I see Muffin is making the rounds and saying hello to everyone.  I thought so, she’s back up on Renee’s lap today.IMG_9522

The first thing you will likely see coming into my place, a collection of old woodenware and a pic of someone’s relative from the 1870s.IMG_7892

A couple cabinets holding a mixed up batch of old things.  The blue cabinet had 8 layers of paint on it which I stripped off and repainted.  The original color was blue, though a lighter blue than what I chose.  Anyone for more coffee?  Hmm, I see Muffin has switched and is now with Tiffany.  Guess she wants to split up her time with everyone.IMG_9516

Shelves of various old stuff on my desk.  Time always seems to go by so fast doesn’t it?  But I certainly enjoyed our coffee time again today, I hope you did as well!  Thank you all so much for stopping by today.  Until next time, have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


34 Comments on “Coffee With Steve #3.

  1. As always I was late. LOL! Never had milk tea, I’ll try it next time. Muffin is so sweet. You blue collection is great, but I didn’t want to touch it. I feel uneasy around things that can break. I can be a bit clumsy. *Meow* I won’t drop you muffin.

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  2. Yay! International Springcat Day! And early spring must be 😉🌸
    Thank you for the coffee Steve and Muffin! I appreciate it very much! It is fun spending some time with you two hanging around your collections 😉
    I hope you had a great day! 😉😻😸

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for joining us today Ribana! Glad you had a good time. Yes, it has been a fantastic day, even though a bit on the cold side.😁😸🥶🙀☕


  3. Steve, I enjoyed spending time with you and Muffin. An early spring sounds good, but we have been experiencing March weather here in central Ohio. Thanks again for the coffee and sharing some of your collectibles.

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  4. You like blue too 😁 Great forecast technique Steve, Can you forecast when i get rain 😱 You know i hate rainy days🙄 is that an antique from 1905😳✨👌 Hey muffin ✨😸 These old Wooden kitchen items 😍 I love all of them😋 None of these stuff of Old Steve, Never say that. It all says a story, a history and skill of human. It is always New, only we get old, not the thing’s 😉 But I like all of these and old people too 👌☺️ because in the end I’m going to be the one too… ☺️🤔 Don’t say I’m old already. I know that 👀😜 Good morning Muffin and Steve ✨☺️😸

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour of my old stuff Simon, nice to have you over for coffee again. Guess you are probably in bed by now. You old?😳 How is someone in there late 20s old?🤔🙄 Wait until your my age!🤪😜 And I’m not old either.😀😀 Sometimes I feel like it though.😂😹🙄Good night Simon!

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      • No one is old Steve ✨☺️ Just because we age, nothing changes except the physical wrinkles, our thoughts, our heart, everything remains same. We are the same product since the beginning except the outer look change🤗 I liked your stuff. If i was there i would have asked you some items 😉 I’m now 32 😁 I’m 32 years old. See no one says i am 32 years young, that means I’m old isn’t it 😳🙄 😜 😂 Glad muffin is not around to read all the buried jokes i type here 😛😸

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      • I like your thoughts, but my body keeps telling me differently when I try to do things!😬😂 Inside I feel the same. 😃🤸‍♂️It is interesting we don’t say 32 years young, we always use old. Even a baby is 1 year old, not 1 year young. Strange how we do things.🤔🤪🙄 You are young yet, I’m older. Muffin is here, but she’s sleeping.😄😄😸

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      • Our body always say NO, But you stick with your workouts everyday and start walking and stay young. Every one is Human and let’s be it, forget the old and young, it’s all about experiences we gather isn’t it ✨😋 I would love to get a download of all your experiences by reading your blog✨🤗 Keep Sharing, Hope Muffin is not disturbing, let me remind you, you never got older, except you got more experience of life than me😉. You teach us what you learned, and we pass it ✨☺️ Have a peaceful night Steve & Muffin 🤗

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