Nature’s Art…#18.

Female purple finch.

Hello everyone on another very cold day here at Steve’s Country.  It seems that Muffin gets more energy on these cold days and really flies around the apartment.  She will toss her toys high and pounce on them as they hit the floor.  Then she runs wild as she tosses the toy ahead of her.  She even manages to get me down on the floor playing with her.  She will keep this up until she finally makes it to her “cave” to cool down for a while.  Then she comes out and sits watching the birds before having her morning nap.  Here it is, almost mid February, and we are having all this cold weather.  Still, it’s not really so unusual, although February is not normally a very cold month.  Normally…but there are exceptions.  Another good day for staying indoors and drinking lots of coffee!😃☕☕

And a good time to enjoy more of that summer art in nature…


The same kind of mushroom as before, but a better picture of it.  Really does look like some alien type of plant.IMG_8380

And here we have another weird looking mushroom, large and thick stemmed.  All that I found were oddly shaped like this one.  The top is about 4 inches (10cm) across.

I hope you are enjoying these mushrooms which really are a cool type of art in nature.  I just wish they were easier to identify.  I did recently identify one that is highly poisonous, shouldn’t even touch it.  Too late on that one, I’m always touching mushrooms.  Touching isn’t much of a problem generally as long as a person washes before touching anything else, like food.  I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

34 Comments on “Nature’s Art…#18.

  1. Uh-huh steve! That mushroom does look like its from JUPITER!!! Even though it’s not! AND YEAH drinking coffee is becoming a habit for me too!!! Have a nice day!!! Steve AND muffin!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Glad that Muffin is having a good time playing with her toys…watching animals play is enough of an exercise for me ! Great photos, although they kind of freak me out !😯😻☕️☕️☕️🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, Muffin enjoys her toys for sure, though she usually wants me to join in too. Which I like too! Glad you enjoy getting freaked out! Have a great evening!😲🙀😄😸


  3. Both looks like an alien 👽 👽 Maybe if earth slows spinning, these creatures would be more, right now, this is a polio attacked mushroom 😜 Peaceful Night Steve and Muffin 😸🤸

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