Daily Pics 2020, #57.

Good morning everyone!  How are you on this fine day?  There is sure a lot of birds at the feeders this morning.  Muffin is at the window watching them all fly around.  She’s showing more interest in the birds these days than she normally would.  But there are no squirrels around now and that is her favorite to watch, next to chipmunks.  However, it will be a long time yet before the chipmunks show up looking for food.  Unless they didn’t get enough food stored away last year, then they come out earlier, even with snow on the ground.  Like one little chipmunk last year.  That poor little guy was out when there was still more than a foot of snow on the ground.  But he knew where to come and get more food in a hurry.

And now for today’s pics of bright…


Fruit!  These are some oranges over in Italy, this pic supplied by my friend Ross.IMG_5487

And some nice bright red raspberries in my landlord’s garden.IMG_4568

And some nice wild strawberries growing wherever they want, and they taste so good too!  They are not big in size, but certainly big in flavor.

And there we have today’s look at summer, last summer that is, and I hope you have enjoyed a little different look at our daily pics today.  Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #57.

  1. If no squirrels 🐿 available yet, then birds are good to watch too 😉 I would love to know what is in her mind 😻
    I love all the fruits! The wild strawberries reminds me of my childhood 😉 with my grandparents living in the mountains, searching for wild strawberries was one of my favourite things to do 😉 And you said it right, they may be smaller but are certainly huge in flavour 😉
    Have a wonderful day Steve and Muffin 😉😻

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    • Good morning Ribana! I can imagine Muffin is thinking, “bbq chicken wings as far as I can see!”😹😻
      I really like all the different wild fruits/berries that we have. I have noticed that getting up higher in the mountains of Europe then the plants and trees are much the same as what we have here. It has been really good for wild strawberries here the last 2 years, so many and bigger than normal.🍓
      Thanks so much Ribana, enjoy your evening!😃😺☕

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      • Here , in Lebanon , like some southern Euroean countries including Italy , we also have lemons and oranges on the coast and apple and Cherry trees on the higher altitudes…

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      • I was referring just to this area of Canada, not the whole country. Many types of fruit trees can be grown in the country, but not here. No grain crops can grow here either, mainly rock here with very little soil cover. Best thing to grow here is trees, mostly softwood trees such as pine and spruce. But many others too. Farming is a large and very costly operation these days, but still profitable. Expensive to get started.


  2. Good Morning Steve! Hope the chipmunks have stored enough food for the winter, but at least they know where to go for a friend’s help! Love the wild fruit! We don’t have any of those growing wild here, but we do have blackberries and huckleberries here. 😸

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    • Hi Renee! I know Rusty stored enough, probably for 2 winters! A couple others though got a rather late start so maybe they will be out early. We have a lot of different wild fruits here, blueberries, pincherries, Saskatoons, chokecherries, strawberries, raspberries. I hope you have a great day!😃😺☕


  3. Hi Steve✨ Amazing morning isn’t it ✨😉 Muffin loves watching birds, poor she just need to wait a little more to watch squirrels. All are my favorite fruits ✨😉 Can you eat 🍓 strawberry now 🤔 I would love to have one 😉☺️ I’m hungry 😋

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  4. Those raspberries sure look appetizing …Must be nice to have orange trees like the one Ross sent !…I remember picking wild strawberries in Riverland in a field next to Momo’s place…so tasty !🍓🍓

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