Darting Dragonflies, #1.

Hi everyone and welcome to our first post “Darting Dragonflies”!  I did want to start this yesterday, but due to those problems on Monday, I lost a lot of pics I had been getting ready for this, and other posts.  So, I’m a day late, but hopefully I will be on time each Wednesday for a while talking about dragonflies.  When I was a little kid I was actually scared of these critters as they flew around my head and in front of my face.  But as I got a bit older I began to really enjoy these acrobatic beauties.  There are so many varieties of dragonflies and you likely have many around you that we don’t have here.  And many times both male and female look different which adds to confusion in identifying them.  Plus there is no book or online site that really includes this area, and that really makes identification difficult.  It’s that way with mushrooms too, I need at least 3 different books to identify them all.  But today I will just begin by showing two of our dragonflies that I have not been able to identify yet.

So let’s get started with today’s pics…


This beauty was just hanging around here one warm early morning in June last year.IMG_4663

This is a smaller dragonfly and really quite beautifully colored.  A lot of people find them quite creepy looking, but hopefully you will all enjoy this series and gain a new appreciation for these amazing insects.

Well, there we have our introduction to this series and there is a lot more coming so please join us each week as we look at them more closely.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

31 Comments on “Darting Dragonflies, #1.

  1. Since dragonflies keep the mosquito population down I like them…they are oddly coloured especially the second one…must be a reason for it !😯🤔

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  2. I could still remember my childhood days catching these dragon flies and play. Nowadays we never see this dragon flies around 🙄 houses houses everywhere 🧐 Nature’s missing. .. wish I could turn back time 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yes Steve, for me I should travel at least 30 Km’s to travel to see nature 🙄sad how we srr losing ourselves for Nature 😂 Im sure the population is going to be a big DROP as the entire world suffers from infertility 😜 Population is going to be reduced 😋

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      • Well, 30 km isn’t too bad. I’m fortunate that I can just walk across the street.🙂🚶‍♂️🌲🌳🍄🐦 Houses and people on one side, forest on the other side. Over here it seems to be the opposite. I know a lot of people having 6 to 12 kids, several dozen families like that, amazing really. One guy I know is 50 and he has 12 kids. Must be crazy.😂😂🤣🤣I’m off to the store, they have a great sale on hiking shoes I don’t want to miss. Maybe I can stay on my feet then.😁🙄

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      • Ha ha 😂😂 Enjoy the shopping Steve 😉 Well you can stay on your feet now 👻 30 km is not bad, but driving more than an hour to reach 30 km is annoying 😵 did you said 6 to 12 kids 🙄🤔 For real? They don’t have a job right 👻 except the job they not supposed to do😂😂 dozen families are ultimate 😂👻 Now they are doing this is unbelievable… Lucky people to have 12 kids 🙄🤔 are they?

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      • I don’t know how they afford to support such a large family, but I guess they do it okay. My one nephew has 9 kids now, they have their own baseball team once they get old enough!😂😂😹😹🙄

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      • Ha ha ha 😂😂 Nine kids enough for a baseball team 🤔 not good at any sports.🙄 A deep sigh… But anyway people have this as a hobby it seems 😂😂

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      • Yup, we know that already 😂🤪. I was wondering how did you know it takes 9 people 😜 now I got it 😂😂. I think you are late to bed tonight.. don’t you think it’s time for bed 😉

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  3. I don’t think they are creepy at all! They hold a special place in my heart with some precious memories growing up!
    I see I have missed a lot of your posts! I will get around soon to getting caught up! For now, I will have to be sporadic ! Forgive me friend!

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    • Yes, I really enjoy those amazing insects. I like to have them around while walking especially during deer fly season. They often sit on my shoulder waiting for a deer fly to show up and then…no more fly, just one fat and happy dragonfly!🐉✈
      Don’t worry if you miss some, I do a lot of posting though I’m thinking I might reduce that for the summer. Not sure yet. It will depend, in part, on how much walking I can do this summer. I hope you have a fabulous Friday Renee!😃😺🌞🐉✈


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