Nature’s Art, #24.

Good morning once again everyone!  It’s a cold but sunny morning and actually has that “spring” feel in the air.  Pine siskins are now among the daily visitors too.  I haven’t seen them all winter, but at least 2 showed up yesterday.  Probably more of them but it can be a little hard to tell when there is over 100 birds out there flying back and forth.  The gold finches should soon start to get their spring color so that will make it easier to pick out the different birds.  I hope all those goldfinches stay around for a while after changing color, it would look fantastic to see several dozen of these bright yellow and black birds. Muffin has been running wild again but has stopped now and she’s once again looking out the window at all those chicken dinners flying around.

And now it’s time to look at our art in nature pics for today, continuing with our look at wild mushrooms…


This mushroom is actually divided into four sections, like a four leaf clover.  And it’s sort of like marshmallows stuck together with melted cheese on top.  I know, my imagination is a bit weird.IMG_8723

And these mushrooms as they age turn into a cup shape revealing the cool look of the underside of the mushroom.  Bonus points if you can spot the not so obvious mushroom in the picture.  I would love to hear some answers!

Well, there we have our nature’s art for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful sunny day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.


125 Comments on “Nature’s Art, #24.

  1. The first one does look like marshmallows but from my view it looks like……….a white type of crisp that they sell in my area! COOL pics steve!!

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  2. No comments, you would Reply back these are poisonous, they look dangerous too, 🧐 Let me do it like this, I’m from Mars and this looks very alien to me 😜🙄😋👻 Have a beautiful day Steve ✨

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    • Really? I would say they are poisonous?😳 Actually I don’t know about these ones.🤔🙄I don’t think they are edible though, they are not in my edible mushroom book anyway.😃😺🍄🍄 How’s things in spicy land?😀🤔

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      • Hi Steve, Things on spicy land is a bit spicy the summer is okay, not enough to burn my skin, 😁 Now returning back to my place. Getting huge pressure from boss after they realised I have put down my paper 🤔🧐 These corporate people 😂 Can’t beleive how silly they behave 😋 Coming back to mushroom, these are beautiful and it’s a dangerous beauty forget eating it 😉✍️👻

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      • I’m noticing that the nicer looking mushrooms are the ones not to eat, the ones that don’t look so nice are the good ones for eating. Amazing. Maybe that’s so the bad ones are easy to see.🤔🍄🍄
        Glad you’re heading back home again. Hey, maybe they will double your salary and give you 2 months holiday if you stay!😃🤸‍♂️🥳🤔🙄

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      • 🙄 For real? that’s a miracle and miracle doesn’t exist 👻 These company won’t give anything except 30 days working without any leave 😵 Entire March is working day 😂 Not even Sunday’s holiday 🙄 With such kind of company, I’ve decided to get out ASAP, never ever turn back to stayback, it’s an one-time offer to runaway 😂😂😂

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      • That new place I know before, I have worked before, everything good for employees, so that’s why I decided to just go 🤗

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