Daily Pics 2020, #66.

Good morning on this beautiful Friday!  Grab a cup of coffee and join us once again!  Muffin is flying again this morning.  Amazing how fast she can run around here, up and down and across furniture, right past plants and glassware, insulators and games, and she never breaks anything.  I can walk carefully and slowly past a shelf and something falls on the floor.  What’s with that?  We had that new snow yesterday which naturally covered my big platform type feeder.  No big deal, there’s no one around this winter using it anyway.  So I didn’t bother to clean the snow off.  Until I looked out the window because I thought I heard a familiar sound.  Sure enough, there was several evening grosbeaks out there looking for food, on a snow covered feeder.  I went out quickly and cleared the snow away and put out fresh sunflower seeds and…too late.  They all flew away and never came back.  Sigh.

Now it’s time for some nice friendly squirrel pics for us to enjoy…


Early morning and mama was tired already, guess the babies were up all night again.IMG_3806

Mama chip giving us a cute smile as she takes a short break from her breakfast.IMG_4609

Reddy always liked to come and hang around for her breakfast each morning.  I’m still amazed at how she could do that.  She had 4 cute babies, only one looked like her, the other three were a darker brown.  Well, there we have our smiles for this Friday morning, I hope you have a great smiling day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020, #66.

  1. I love your opening to this. It’s incredibly funny how life happens sometimes. I’ve watched my girls paint and create these amazing and perfectly abstract rocks… The colors are in just the right places and here I sit, trying to hard 😂😂 Happy Friday to you and your animal family 🙂

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    • Hi Nova! Nice to see you. Yep, if we didn’t have these funny things happen it would be kind of boring.😂😹
      Thanks so much! Hope you have a great Friday!😃😺

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    • Hi Lillian! So nice to see you! Muffin and I are doing good. I’m trying to get back to walking again but it’s a slow process.🙂🚶‍♂️
      Spring keeps trying to tease us a bit, one of these days it will stay around. Is it spring there yet? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!😃😺😻


  2. Ohhh, they will come back again 😉 now you filled the feeders, cute chipmunk, how did you know 🤔 saw all the babies 😉☺️ 😜 Did you see their dad 🤔 he might have been dark😂 Wish you a wonderful Friday ✨💐 Hope your lunchtime is over 😉

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    • Wow, you’re still awake Simon? Yep, I saw all the babies, they usually have 4, sometimes less. But they always came with her. Yes, the dad was a darker squirrel. He had 6 mates that year so there was lots of babies around. But they all left to other places because of one baby who decided he wanted this territory. He was a tough fighter and chased everyone else away. Then he got run over by a car. So I was left with no squirrels. Sigh. There is one now but he never comes over close, just stays in the trees. It’s a beautiful day here, -1 right now!🌞🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🥳😀😺

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      • Hi Steve, that’s a good question, If I’m sleeping then the train is okay and silent, if I didn’t the train is way too shaking and lot of snoring 😂😂. Wow! These squirrels make quiet a story🤔 hmm, I think we can write about it 😉 one squirrel sent everyone out and killed itself is tragedy🙄😕 But now you have atleast one, he will soon join your team 😉😋 hope muffin is not ready to taste him 😂😂 wow, that should be little warm -1 is good, enjoy the sunshine ✨🤗

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      • Hmm, I wonder if there is such a thing as a silent train?🚂🚂 Silent snoring?🤔 Yes to that one, a sock does the trick, just gently lay a stinky sock on the person’s mouth, that stops the snoring.😂😹🤣🙄🙄 Warmer tomorrow!😃😺🌞😎👍

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      • Hi Steve, Silent train doesn’t exist, but some can be really smooth, which is very rare, when traveling to South I’ll never get such train. Snoring Yes, this time, train noise beats every noise of here, that is horrible 🙄 . Now wide awake 🙄 😳 Looks like I’m never going to sleep 😣 Warmer tomorrow 😍 wow that’s good to hear ✨👌 Have a peaceful night, and wakeup for the lovely summer day✨🤗

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      • I have never been on a train so don’t know anything about them.🚂🚂 Probably a good thing. That’s too bad,😕 well, hope you can get some sleep😳 though it’s almost morning for you anyway.🤔🌞 Time to get up.😃 A brand new day awaits! I think.🤔🙄

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      • Never been in a 🚆 train 🙄😕 that’s weird 😕 you should try it 😄 it’s a beautiful cost saving mode to travel ☺️ here major population stick with train mode commuting 😉 and that’ll look dangerous if you google it😂😂 Ofcourse a brand new day 😁 with vampire eyes😴 😂😂

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      • Passenger trains don’t come near here, not many of them in this part of the country, more down south and east. Up here everyone drives, it’s cheaper and more convenient.

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      • Cheaper than a train 😳🤔 Wow… Here all our tax money are wasted for nothing 🙄 that’s a long part of a sad story 😉

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