Nature’s Art, #28.

Hi everyone on this beautiful spring like Saturday!  It does feel like spring, I’m just hesitant to actually call it spring this early in the month.  But who knows?  Muffin did forecast an early spring for us.😸😀Though I’m not so sure about her forecasting ability. She is a good detective though, as you already know.  And another exciting (I hope) story is on the way beginning Monday.  We are all packed and ready to get on the plane and fly to our new destination!  Where is that you ask?  Sorry, you have to wait until Monday, no clues ahead of time!  Muffin and I are better equipped this time around too, we are ready for anything…hopefully.  It’s mainly cloudy and mild today, but I don’t think it will get as warm as what they forecast for us.  Still very nice though and the snow is melting, so that is even nicer.  Soon to be out there walking and taking pics again.

Until then, let’s look at these mushroom pics from last year…


Here is another of the tiny mushrooms we have here, the top is about 1cm, less than half an inch.  I haven’t been able to identify it yet, but I think it’s in the Mycena family which includes a lot of varieties.  Probably not good to eat.Amanita multisquamosa 1

This is a beautiful big mushroom to look at and photograph.  This is Amanita Multisquamosa and is not good to eat.  It may not kill you but could land you in the nearest hospital for a while.  Best to stay with ones that are edible.

Well, there we have a couple more of the many dozens of mushrooms I have found just in the small area where I went walking down to the river last year.  And I hope to get back there this spring and perhaps get some pics of earlier species of mushrooms.  I hope you all have a most wonderful, relaxing weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Nature’s Art, #28.

  1. As always Steve, your photos remind me of the eventual arrival of spring and later summer. This afternoon I was about to take my first walk in three months at a nearby nature park.

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    • Oh nice, nature parks are great places to walk. I’m looking forward to getting out again too. Might be a little harder this year. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Wow that means an exciting Monday is available ✨😍 Great Pictures Steve, Another set of beautiful mushrooms 😉 Looking exciting… Our city got Corona Virus 😳 Should be more more careful than before, plus I had to make lot of travelling 🤔 These corona 🙄🙄🙄 Hope things will be good ✨Have a beautiful day Steve ✨

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    • Oh no! That corona virus found your city,😳😲 yes, please be more careful Simon, that can spread around so fast. Stay away from public places as much as possible.😳🙄 And be extra careful on trains too!😬😬🚂

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      • I will be Steve, But if I’m not posting, please imagine the rest of my story 🙄😳 Just being prepared for everything 😄😜 I’ll be more careful, I know my immune system is too bad to handle corona. Wishing only good things to happen ✨ I need to travel back to my home again tomorrow.. 🙄 Take care Steve ✨

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      • Don’t say that, you’ll be fine, just take necessary precautions. I’m like you, my immune system is so bad,😳 I couldn’t handle that virus either. Bad stuff.😬 We’ll make it through though! Have a nice evening Simon!😃😺🌙

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      • Yes Steve, We’ll get through this Virus ✨ Sorry about the last comment, That was too open, 😂😂 I should stop thinking about it too much ✨😍🥰

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      • Oh yes I am, just thinking too much out, 🙄😕 I was typing a very long comment, now feeling better ☺️ Felt like I let it out. Thank you Steve, you have no idea how much you helped in my imagination ☺️🤗✨

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      • Glad to be of some help Simon even if I didn’t do anything!🤔😂Sometimes it’s good to let it out instead of just holding it in all the time. I’m logging off again, early church time this morning. Have a good evening Simon!😃😺☕🌙🌞

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    • I hope she’s right, but we have gone back to some colder weather again for the next 2 weeks. Still not cold like winter, but it will slow down spring for awhile. But there’s still time for an early spring.😃😺🌞🌷🌼

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