Darting Dragonflies, #3.

Hello again everyone on this cool Wednesday!  Well, here we are, back with our third look at these wonderful acrobatic insects.  They come in all kinds of different sizes around here from about 3 inches (7.5cm) long to about 5 inches (12.5cm) long.  Plus male and female dragonflies are often different colors which helps to make things a bit more confusing in trying to identify these beauties.  Most dragonflies have their wings spreading out directly from the side, but some, like the ones we will see today, have their wings pointing forwards.  At least while they are sitting at rest anyway.

So, let’s take a look at today’s pics…


Here is one of the forward winged dragonflies in a nice golden color.  These are among the shorter variety at about 3 inches.  Dragonflies have nearly 360 degree vision, the only direction they can’t see is directly behind them.IMG_6572

And here is a red version of the above golden variety.  It’s quite possible they are the same species, just one is male and one is female.  The only problem with my theory is the fact there is also a dark version too.  I’m not sure if it’s black or dark blue as I haven’t been able to get close enough for a picture yet.  Perhaps this year.  The dark ones are hard to find compared to the other two.

A large group of dragonflies is called a “swarm” and many species of dragonflies migrate south each year in large swarms.  They truly are an interesting and amazing insect to watch each summer and many of them have such beautiful colors as well.  There we have this week’s look at these fascinating fliers of the insect world, I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “Darting Dragonflies, #3.

  1. Cute dragonflies ! I am amazed that you are able to locate them…I rarely come across any of them…are they around your place or on your walks to the river ?🦋🦋☕️😻☕️🐿☕️😎

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    • Last year was my first time seeing them too and finding 3 different colors was really nice! Now if I can just get a pic of the third one.🤔📷
      Have a nice evening Michelle!😁😸🐉✈

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  2. Dragon flies are a lovely creature, and it helps in lot for agriculture and nature, These people will never realize good stuff, I feel “Human” are the biggest error this earth ever made 😛 Our brain is the threat to this earth and it’s living being, may be the nature itself is made that way 😀 Just my thought 😉 hope you don’t mind.

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    • People have just gotten too smart, we place all our attention on more technology and have forgotten that nature is what keeps us alive. So few people care about our natural world, but we couldn’t live without it. If we would just use our brains we could have everything we want and still have our modern world, but in a more friendly way to this earth we live on.🤔 People look at things like dragonflies and go yuck, get it away from me,😲 who cares if they die off. But they are very beneficial as we shall see in my next dragonfly post.😀 Have a great evening and night Simon!😃😺🐉✈

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      • Did you mentioned two emoji 😉 One is a dragon and fly 😂 That makes perfect sense. I’m jealous of u now, because I couldn’t think like this 🙄 my brain is idle. 😕 oh when it was active 😂 never bother 😂. nature is everything, people often forget and live in an illusion thinks thinking they can make everything. Not everything! Hope people will realise and take some serious action on it. Have a beautiful evening Steve ✨💐

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      • Yeah, I wish they had a dragonfly emoji, but they don’t. Quite amazing really. Someone needs to invent more nature emojis for people like me. But wait, maybe I’m the only one that would use them!😳 Terrible thought.😬 Sometimes a person has to come up with ideas like that, I’m sure you could do it Simon. Almost time for bed,😴 have a great day!😃😺🌞

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      • Love the attitude, this is how I am in a way too 😉 when things are not there, create it 🤗 have a good night Steve & Muffin✨💐

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    • Yes, I really enjoy dragonflies and they always follow me around when I go walking, especially during deer fly season. I’m certainly glad for that!
      Thank you so much Nina! Have a great day!😃😺☕🐉✈

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      • Me too! I love to watch them swarm and “dance”. For several years now dragonflies have lived in our garden in the fountain. They overwinter as nymphs in the water and then emerge in the spring—super cool to watch! They have such pretty faces. They smile. 🙃

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      • Hey, that’s cool! I will have to look more closely, I have never noticed the smile, thanks for mentioning that Nina! I have had them sit on my shoulder while walking and when a fly shows up, well, the pesty fly is gone! Have a wonderful day Nina!😁😸🐉✈

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