Nature’s Art #36.

Unknown mushrooms.

Hello everyone on this sunny Saturday morning here at Steve’s Country.  Muffin has claimed her favorite patch of sunlight to lie down and watch the bird activity for a while.  Plus a squirrel running around in the trees out back.  I finally got all my bird seed safely moved from outside storage, which I use in winter, to inside storage for the summer.  I have to do that due to the bears that come around here.  And they will likely be showing up very soon with this nice warm weather we are having right now.  I don’t want the bears to find any food out there, they make such a mess.  So do the raccoons.  And both could easily get into my storage container out on the deck.  But I needed something airtight inside to keep the pantry moths from taking over the apartment again.  They love feasting on bird seed and peanuts, and I have stocked up on both so I don’t need to go out so often to get more.  It was a bit tricky, but I managed to do it.

And now for some more interesting fungus art to enjoy…

Berkeley's polypore 1

Here we have the Berkely’s polypore which grows at the base of trees, usually a hardwood tree.  It can get to be up to 90cm wide (3 ft) and can live up to a month.  Edibility unknown, best to stay away from it then.20191002_122210

And here we have a nice looking mushroom called “Gallerina Marginata”.20191002_122231

And here we have another look at it from underneath, it can look quite beautiful as you can see.  However, don’t touch, it is deadly poisonous.  I repeat, don’t touch.  Unfortunately some of the most beautiful looking mushrooms are deceiving.  But they are nice to look at.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy your Saturday wherever you may live, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

43 Comments on “Nature’s Art #36.

    • Mushrooms live in dark places in the shodow or in wet places usually …
      Where you live , it is mostly cold and wet most of the year but where I live in Lebanon, I think they grow in places that are hidden from direct sunlight especially in the rainy seasons …

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      • Yes, shady and damp locations for most of the mushrooms, though some like a drier location and a few like sunny locations, but for most it’s in the shade in heavily treed areas.


    • Yes, they like heavily shaded areas under trees mostly. There are a few varieties that we have that will grow out in open areas but it’s rare. Thanks for stopping by Wael.


    • I love mushrooms and coffee,😀 but I’m not sure I would want to combine them!🤔 To be honest, I like coffee to be coffee,😁☕☕ I don’t like any flavored ones.😳 I know, I’m strange, I admit it!😂😹🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I’m not keen on trying mushroom coffee either. It seems quite popular in the health and supplement industry but I stick to what I know and like.

        Speaking of coffee, you’re lucky that Tim’s continues to stay open even though most places including Starbucks shut down. Here, we can get take out and drive through but we can’t dine in.

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      • Here our Tim’s is only open for the drive through but I haven’t been there since the restaurant closed. Just staying home and making my own coffee here, I’m okay with that. I should really buy some Tim’s coffee, right now I’m just using Folger’s, which I don’t mind, it’s coffee. I wonder if McD’s sells their own coffee?

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Tims here doesn’t have drive thru which might explain why they are allowing us to go inside to order. That’s good that you are embracing homemade coffee and doing your part in self-isolating. I still go outside for walks but I don’t interact with anyone. Can’t say I am a fan of Folgers 😏 Yes, MCDs sells coffee in stores but I haven’t been inside of the restaurant. They have a drive thru and ik the drive thru is open.

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      • I’m still in the process of strengthening the muscles around the one that was torn. The idea is to get the other 2 muscles to do the work of the torn muscle. Things are going well though and I hope to try my river path on Monday. Don’t know how far I will get though, it’s a lot rougher walking than on paved streets. But it’s time to get started on that. As I write a robin is singing so beautifully in the tree out back. Spring is here!

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      • To save you the stress of getting out of the house, I might be able to help. Been meaning to send you an email for a while. I don’t know the names of the flowers but you might know! 😊🌺

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  1. Nice pics, altho’ a bit creepy…to me , that is…so you got a robin ? Larry said he thought he saw one in our yard…snow is melting fast…😲❄️☕️☕️🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, they always seem to come around and check things out, they know there are bird feeders here, though now I try to make sure there is no seeds left for the night. My 2 hanging feeders I can bring inside at night. But they still come and check. They always come from the area where I go walking down to the river, not an exciting thought.


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