Daily Pics #121.

Good morning to all of you on this beautiful Thursday!  I trust your week is going well, even during this difficult time.  Here I stand out on my deck this morning, cup of coffee in hand, listening to the robins singing joyfully as the sun begins to rise.  It is actually daylight before 5am now and continues until after 9pm.  Even at 10pm, though essentially dark, the western sky was still very bright.  Anyway, Sir George is coming by himself now so I guess Lady Pearl must be out looking for their new home and getting the nest ready.  And Sir George is out looking for food to share with her.  He is here this morning while I stand outside, talking to each other and finally, filled with as much food as he can carry, he says good bye and away he goes back to Lady Pearl.  The robins continue to sing and so does the song sparrow, a white-throated sparrow and a phoebe, plus numerous others.

And now for some pics to share from yesterday’s walk to the river…


Although not the best picture, these birds would not stand still, they are nonetheless the first pelicans to return this spring.  You can see the bumps on the bills which the adults grow during the breeding season.  They are magnificent birds to watch as they soar high in the sky.IMG_3441And here we have another look at the relaxing spring scenery that abounds along the river shores.  I hope you like today’s selection of pics.  Well, my coffee is finished so it’s time to say good bye for now.  Tomorrow we begin a new month, so we will have a special edition of our Daily Pics and Muffin and I would love to have you join us for that.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Daily Pics #121.

  1. Excellent pic of the pelicans ! Unison in flying ! … ☕️☕️😯 interesting info on the pelicans ! 🤔☕️☕️

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  2. Hi Steve, I am still in your past 😜 Looks like a hooman is having fun 😜😉 beautiful pictures. Have a beautiful day💐✨

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