Darting Dragonflies #8.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our Darting Dragonflies series!  I didn’t get one out last week, things were a bit mixed up, but here we are with more on our dragonfly friends.  Although today we will be looking at a relative of dragonflies, the damselflies.  These are smaller and more delicate types but still very interesting insects and often overlooked by people due to the fact they don’t really fly around quite the same as dragonflies, but they can get very friendly, especially certain species.Boreal bluet male

Here we have the Boreal Bluet, a common damselfly up here in the boreal forest region of the continent.  Not very big, about 1 and half inches (36mm) in length.  They enjoy smaller ponds, marshes or slow moving streams.  There is a small wet area which always has water along the path to the river and these damselflies are always in the area.marsh bluet female

Here we have a female marsh bluet above and a male below.Marsh bluet male

They hang around another small wet area, more like a small pond right among the trees and there are a lot of them in that area all summer.  These are the same size as the boreal bluet above and like small ponds, lakeshores and quiet streams.  These can be very friendly even landing on a person.

Well, there we have it for this week, and we may take a pause in our dragonfly series for a while and bring in something else that I’m sure you will enjoy.  Have a wonderful day, stay safe everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Darting Dragonflies #8.

  1. Super cute.

    I was thinking you missed a Darting Dragonflies post when I was on my walk today. They were everywhere! I was right… glad you got this one out! 🙂

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  2. Cute dragonflies ! Actually they are quite beautiful because of their colourful hues ! 🤔☕️☕️

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    • They are related to dragonflies, but not dragonflies, but they are an interesting insect! And fun to watch and quite fast fliers too.
      Enjoy your evening!😁😸🌞


  3. Wait did you start to identity the dragon flies too? 🤔🙄 Your brain must be too heavy, you have loads of information in your head😉 Probably a mini wild google. 😊😀 Beautiful to see dragon flies so close..😍💐✨

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    • Thank you Simon! I agree with your assessment of my brain,🤔 the “mini” part anyway!😂😹 Glad you enjoyed it Simon, have a great evening!😃😺🌞🌙🌙🐉✈

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      • Thank you Steve ✨🤗 You are an intelligent blogger ✨👍 BTW any news about lockdown rls? For us it’s got extended two more weeks 😕 The count was in increasing trend 🙄 Wish they could find a medicine ASAP!

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      • We’re looking at the end of May now,😕 it was May 12th.🙄 Still lots of people getting this virus in the southern part of the province.😳 Here in the northwest part our count is down to only 2, both here.😳 Even when they open up it won’t be like before. Oh well, I can still get out and walk.😃😺🌞🚶‍♂️

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      • That’s really a great news at the end, go out and walk! Here that is also not possible 😕 Police are ready to spank 😜 I hope it will end soon✨ Let’s hope Steve ✨👍 and Don’t forget to like my latest pen art post… Posting soon…☺️

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      • It’s sad how corona impacted a Human’s freedom 😕 and the economy is going very bad 🙄 our government gave nothing and instead they are asking public to donate. 🙄 For real I can’t beleive them doing that…. Hope things will get better ✨☺️

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      • Yep, if this carries on much longer our economies will have a hard time recovering and a lot of businesses won’t survive.😳😳 Even though our government is giving out a lot of money and we will end up with 100s of billions of dollars in debt.😲 How will countries survive?😬 And people? 😳Hope this doesn’t last much longer.🙂😺

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      • Yes we hope the same, the recession ahead might look scary, we just have to follow our passion and face it with a smile 😁 . Wish I could find a medicine 🙄. These scientists are taking too long to discover a medicine for this tiny little virus 😕

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      • Yes, it is interesting that with all the scientists around the world working on this that they can’t find something to stop it or at least some medicine that would help reduce the symptoms. Very strange.🤔😕🙄

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      • It’s something fishy, not sure whether the scientists are hesitant to rls the drugs to kill corona🤔 lot of questions. Better stop thinking 😕 Good night Steve ✨🤗

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