Daily Pics #124.

Good morning everyone!  It is a cold, somewhat frozen, morning.  But that didn’t stop the robins from singing loudly and joyfully early this morning.  Followed closely by the sparrows and a flicker laughing in the distance.  A loon flies overhead, joining in with laughter of his own.  That barred owl is hooting not too far away.  It seems to really echo this time, perhaps it’s the cooler air, or perhaps he is just in the right place to cause that kind of echo.  Then there is the quack, quack from Maggie and Mike as they are outside searching for some food for breakfast.  The purple finches are singing their lovely morning song and a ruby-crowned kinglet has joined in the chorus.  Then some evening grosbeaks come and sit in the trees adding their song to the mix.  Too cold to stand on the deck this morning, so I’m standing at the window enjoying the beauty of God’s wonderful creatures.

And now for today’s spring pics to share with you…




All pictures taken down by the river this past week.  Hope you all have a happy Sunday, stay safe, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Daily Pics #124.

  1. Through both joy and pain ,
    We transcend grow and gain…
    Never say that life has ended in vain ,
    All that God sends is a blissful rain ,
    Dark clouds water the trees and roses ,
    So spirit of God would forever remain ,
    To restore life and peacefully sustain ,
    After stormy weather , in faith , remain ,
    that the blue sky would brightly the sun contain , …

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  2. Calm settings ! So inviting ! Such an array of birds and their melodious calls ! 🙂☕️☕️🎼

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    • Some mornings have more action than others, but every morning lately seems to keep getting better. Have a nice evening!😃😺🌙


  3. Lovely post Steve. Good to know that the coronavirus hasn’t stopped the beautiful creatures in your world enjoying their lives. Have a wonderful day.🐱🐦🐤🦆🦜🦚🐕🐇🐋🦋

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  4. Lovely pictures Steve, did you look at the sand, it’s still the same, Last time it was dry than this time.😁 I know it’s a lame discovery 😁😁Have a beautiful day Steve 🤗✨💐

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      • 😂😂😂 I’m looking at sand 😜 It always reminds me somthing. Too much philosophy. U might feel bored 😁 So how is your health? Read about you not keeping well at Lillians post. Hope you are good now.

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      • Just very tired these days,😴 maybe it’s the return to cold weather that’s doing it.🤔 A lot of pain these days too,😳 so that could also be the reason.🙄 Still pushing ahead!😁😸🤸‍♂️

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      • Take care Steve, yes these cold have the power to bring back the pain🙄 🤔 Did you ask your doctor about it? Hope you have enough stock of your medicines supply ✨

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      • How Normal is that 🤔 Like having a breakfast 😳🙄 I don’t know why your doctor’s couldn’t suggest you better meds for these pains😕. I like the way you handle these pains during cold days. So easily ✨ You are an inspiration! If I were you 🙄 I would definitely make doctors mad😂.


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