Daily Pics #137.

Good Saturday morning everyone!  Yesterday was an absolutely splendid day with plenty of sunshine, a warm gentle breeze and a beautiful walk to the river.  There was a couple of butterflies fluttering about, the spring azure and the mourning cloak.  Unfortunately that little spring azure would not cooperate and open it’s wings for me and eventually disappeared among the trees.  The mourning cloak was much more cooperative and allowed me to get some nice pics.  There was a definite increase of little birds, sparrows scratching away on the forest floor, warblers, kinglets, winter wrens and others enjoying themselves higher in the tops of the trees.  I’m still not sure why it is called a winter wren when it is only here in the summer.  A tiny little bird with a loud and extremely long song, heard far more often than it is seen. 

The squirrels were busy all along the path high in the pines cutting down cones, dropping them more than a hundred feet to the ground below.  One came very close to hitting me, I hope that little squirrel wasn’t aiming for me.  A broad winged hawk was carrying sticks to build it’s nest with.  Unfortunately he flew through the air faster than I could walk through the undergrowth and I soon lost sight of it.  But I know the general direction, but it’s too far off the main path so it’s location will remain a secret.

And now for today’s spring pics to share with you…


In the above pic we have a song sparrow sitting in a young aspen keeping an eye on me as I walk past.  Perhaps he’s keeping both eyes on me.IMG_4411

And in the above pic we have a white crowned sparrow eating seeds under one of the shrubs out behind my place.

And there we have a couple of nice bird pics for you today.  I hope you have an enjoyable Saturday, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “Daily Pics #137.

  1. Having fun with your little Friends already ✨😉 Beautiful pictures, Have a wonderful day Steve and Muffin ✨🤗💐

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    • Generally May, June and September are the biggest months, those are our wettest months normally. Won’t likely be any in May this year though.


      • Here , they show more in fall and even winter or early spring as long as it rains where I live in middle altitude …As long as winters are mild , they show up …
        In the summer , they hibernate especially in June , July , August as rain becomes rare in these 3 months …
        We have a warmer Mediterranean climate here …

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      • Here July and August are generally drier months, June is the wettest month. Gets too cold for them usually after September, but sometimes they will be around in early October.


  2. Lovely birds ! I especially like the bright green on that tree ! Is it a pine or balsam ! ☕️☕️🙂🌲☕️☕️

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    • Thank you Richard! I always enjoy listening to the birds singing and chirping as I walk along the path to the river. It is a thrill and so relaxing.


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