Daily Pics #189.

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining, the sky is a brilliant blue, I’m sitting on the deck enjoying this wonderful scene. My early gull has come and gone already and Sir Henry is here for his breakfast. Or maybe I should say, his second breakfast. The birds are certainly alive with songs today as well, they just seem to be singing from every direction. I’m a bit late this morning, almost noon now, but I had to go out and do some grocery shopping this morning and I like to go early before the crowds hit the stores, especially these days. No point taking unnecessary chances. I also noticed lately that more and more people are wearing masks, even though it isn’t mandatory up this way. That’s good, I’m all for wearing masks. We should be helping each other out these days and wearing a mask is one easy way to help others.

Runner, my squirrel is starting to become a pest, much like a male squirrel I had last year that I named LB, short for “little brat”. LB chased all the other squirrels and chipmunks away. The other squirrels were females, so when breeding time came along, there was no mate for LB. Not sure whatever happened to him, but I think he had an encounter with a car. Runner is trying to do the same thing, but he’s also chewing on my hanging bird feeders, which are plastic. He chewed holes in the lids, which is not good now when it rains. However, I did find a way to stop him from doing that anymore. An upside down clay flower pot works good, I doubt he can chew through that. Though maybe I better not speak too soon! Oh well. Today I have a couple of river photos for you to enjoy, one at the top and one below.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Daily Pics #189.

  1. The pics you shared is helping me to adapt to not feeling well…hope you are well…☕️☕️😢😻🙂

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    • Thanks Buddy, yes they are amazingly smart. Usually they are not much of a problem, but sometimes one shows up that just gets out of control. The flower pot seems to be working so far, he can’t chew it at least and he wasn’t able to hold on today so made the trip down to the ground!


    • Unfortunately too many and they have scared away most of my smaller birds and even tried chasing the gulls. Bad move on their part, those big herring gulls don’t like getting pushed around by the gulls. Normally we have had a pair of crows here each summer raising their young, not a problem. But this year they didn’t return so it was an empty territory which was taken over by non breeding crows, 17 of them. By being very careful with how much I feed the gulls I have reduced that to 7 crows, still too many with the main crow in the bunch becoming quite mean and brave. I miss my regular pair, they were never a problem. I hope a new pair moves into this territory next summer.😁😸

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      • 17 crows, Steve, wow, that is quite a gang !
        I have a regular crow here now, named Colin.
        At first, Scott, my gull, seemed unsure about this.
        Yesterday I saw them together on the lawn, eating some treats.
        They were keeping their social distance, but otherwise seemed to tolerate each other. Birds have distinct personalities. 🤗🌷

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      • Yes, I can see where they would tolerate each other better on a lawn where they have more space. My little bird feeder doesn’t work so good! The crow I had before I named Chuck and his mate was Charlene. It’s always nice to have these different critters around. Have a nice day Sally!😀😺🌞☕☕

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  2. Squirrels are entertaining creatures but can be a nuisance. The flower pot idea sounds like it would work. Good luck and thank you for sharing the lovely photos. 🌻 🌞 ☕️☕️😺

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    • Yes, most squirrels I have ever had around were never a problem, but, there are some that are definitely bad! Yep, the flower pot is still working good, he sure won’t chew through that or he won’t have any teeth left! Have a great day Eugenia!😀😺🌞☕☕

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  3. People are getting smart lately these days, after corona, it impacted people behaviour and lot of lives. It’s better to be safe stay safe Steve, is the water level low? it does looks like one Have a beautiful day Steve ✨🤗

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