Daily Pics #233.

Good morning to everyone! It was cloudy when I got up this morning but now the clouds have gone and the sun is shining surrounded by a wonderful blue sky. Things were a bit different this morning. No gulls. Even well after they should be here, still no gulls. Finally Sir Charles showed up and had his breakfast. And Ricky showed up this morning. He’s a ring-billed gull, all the others are herring gulls. They look alike, except the ring-billed gulls have a black ring around their bills and they are not much more than half the size of the herring gulls. I haven’t seen Ricky since spring so it was nice to see him back again. Even as I write this Sir George and Lady Pearl have still not shown up. Or Sir Henry. Jasper was here very early this morning, even before the chipmunks. He’s making it hard for the poor chipmunks to get any peanuts now. That’s not good. He’s even getting very protective of his territory now too so really chases the chipmunks a long distance sometimes when there are no peanuts out.

When the peanuts are out, then he stays with a short chase, otherwise he loses peanuts to the other chipmunks. He has learned. He has also changed a lot since he became the only squirrel around. But the chipmunks are still able to give him a hard time now and then. I had just put out some peanuts and Chester picked up his 3 when Jasper showed up. The chase was on and Chester jumped off the deck. It was obvious that Jasper didn’t want to follow but I guess he was going too fast to stop properly. He tried to hold on, but he was too far over and…down he went, legs flapping (is he trying to learn how to fly?) until plop! While this was going on, Skamper was already filling up with peanuts. Jasper just came up over the edge onto the deck and Skamper was just leaving. Jasper spotted him and the chase was on! But Jasper forgot to hold on as he went down and…he flew down until, plop! Not a very good landing this time. Meanwhile Pocket was filling up with peanuts and as Jasper came up onto the deck Pocket was going down. The chase was on! Hard to believe really. Jasper held on this time, but Pocket jumped into the raspberry patch and Jasper lost him. Meanwhile, Coffee was here and had taken his 2 peanuts and was gone before Jasper returned. Jasper did get one peanut from that batch, and he got some good exercise.

To go along with today’s sunshine we have 2 different colors of very bright “marigolds” to enjoy. They are a very popular annual flower in gardens up here, and probably other places as well. They are bright and cheery, and animals don’t generally like to eat them, a bonus around here with all of our deer. But they don’t have a lot of color variations like other flowers. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless! And I hope to see you all a bit later for some coffee.

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2020 Steve McLeod.

86 Comments on “Daily Pics #233.

  1. We adults can learn from Jasper…sticking with the job at hand ! Pics are lovely…β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸΏπŸ₯œπŸ˜Ίβ€ΌοΈ

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