20/20 Investigations, Inc. The Vacation. Chapter 12.

I pulled it out, which wasn’t easy, it was very heavy. Karin had to help with it and even then we struggled. It had an old lock on it which broke off quite easily and when we opened it…wow, full of gold coins! Who knows what might be at the bottom, I said. And I’m the one who will find out, boomed John right behind us. He and Kathy were there, each with guns, so I had to give up my gun. John picked up the treasure chest by himself and put it outside. I always knew he was a strong man. Then he ordered us inside and said, this should make a good grave for you! And he started laughing. Then 2 shots rang out! He shot both Karin and I in our right legs. Just to make sure you don’t get out, said John, laughing some more as he slammed that heavy wood door shut and locked it. We could hear them walk away, still laughing…

We’re going to bleed to death, cried Karin as she sat on the floor in much pain! No we won’t, I said. Though I had to admit to myself that things were not looking good at the moment with no way out and no way to call for help. It could be a couple of days before anyone gets back here, said Karin through tears. True, I said as I looked all around that little shed…for something…though I didn’t really know what. We were both bleeding a lot right now, and my backpack was outside, I decided to leave it there while we dug for that treasure. Not one of my better ideas. Mr. Cat, come here! He came right over. I forgot that I gave you a new knife before our vacation. Meow!=Yep, it in my backpack, nice and sharp too! I got it out and cut the leg off Karin’s jeans and cut a couple of strips, I used one to tie around her leg. That’s tight, she said. Good, it has to be tight to slow down that blood flow a bit. Then I cut some pieces and tied them over the wound to help soak up the blood. Then I did mine.

Why they make hole in roof? It so high up, don’t like heights. Have to stand on tippy toes.

Well, there’s no way to break that door down, it must be 3 inches thick, I said. Meow, meow!=Roof look rotten, maybe easy to break. Muffin was right and there’s a good strong shovel here that might do the job. I stood on a bench and pounded at the roof and in no time I had a hole large enough to crawl out. The cats went first. Just stand on the bench, then on that shelf and you should have no problem getting out, I told Karin. She went quickly, then it was my turn. As I stood on the shelf I heard a crack, then down I went! I landed on that stone floor and hit my head on an old anchor. Karin knew she couldn’t come back down to help me so her and the cats jumped onto the ground. I could hear her scream from the pain of landing on that leg.

She got my lock picking tools out of my backpack but couldn’t open the lock. Meow.=Let me try. She put it in Mr. Cat’s mouth and he had the lock open in no time. Karin helped me get up, but I was kind of dizzy from hitting my head. As we went back to the hotel I noticed the red painted rocks lining the front path to the beach. Hey, we can use those rocks to spell SOS on the beach, I said. So for the next little while that’s what we did. We were both very weak after all that work and barely made it back inside to lie down. I told the cats to stay outside and watch, maybe someone would come by to help. It actually wasn’t long and a small boat from a cruise ship came up to the dock. The cats were meowing and jumping and came running to the hotel with two young guys behind them. Karin heard the meowing and took the other gun from my backpack and went out to meet them.

She just got out to the lobby but collapsed onto the floor. The guys came running over. In the room down the hall, she said weakly and one of the guys came to where I was. They called back to their ship. I told the one guy to call a certain number and ask for Rossana. He did so and she did the rest. Soon a helicopter was there to take us to a hospital. Even with a detailed description of John’s boat the police were unable to locate it. He managed to get away, and with that amazing treasure too!

No beaches! Get sand in fur, then need big bath, I tear up brochures!

Finally the cats and I were back at home, trying to relax after our “vacation”. We’ll get a real vacation yet, I said to them. Meow, meow!=We already sent for brochures! Lots of places with beaches! Meow!=Not beaches, not want sand in fur! Sent for brochures with castles! Meow, meow!=No castles! That mean ghosts! Not want ghosts! This should be fun, laughed Karin. She decided to take Muffin’s advice and come back with us. And she managed to get an apartment right next door too.

Castles? That mean ghosts, no castles! I tear up brochures!

This ends “The Vacation”, but please come back on Monday when we start our new case! Mr. Cat’s pictures are all taken by his human, Nina Zain, and are graciously loaned to me for use in my mystery stories. Thank you so much Nina!

©2020 Steve McLeod.

79 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc. The Vacation. Chapter 12.

  1. All the pics were amazing! Nina did great!
    Awesome ending for this one!
    You’re gonna start a new adventure and then I leave.😢At least I’ll read one chapter of it.
    I’m first!!!!!!!

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  2. Nice ending! How come you let them shoot you and take the gold? Where eere the cats and slingshots? You guys better practice more before the next case! Someone could get killed!!😲😬😵

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  3. Nothing like having an exciting ending! John got the treasure but I’m sure he will not get to enjoy it. The way characters pop back in the stories, you are sure to run into him again. He won’t get to enjoy the stolen treasure. Karin, however, is a treasure that will stay nearby you!

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    • Yes, I figure it will be hard for John to get rid of those old gold coins, everyone will be on the lookout for them, unless he melts them into gold bars perhaps. Still, not easy to get rid of a lot of gold. Yes indeed, I will take Karin any day! She will be a nice addition to our PI group.😃👱‍♀️😸😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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  4. That was a good ending ! Good pics of the cats…Mr. Cat is a very helpful addition to your group ! Muffin is still a winner ! I don’t know about Karin yet…will have to see in your next case…☕️☕️😺😺😀☺️‼️

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    • Thanks so much! You can rest easy, Karin is okay, that’s why I kept her in here. It was time for a new addition to our PI family. Hope you have a great weekend!😃😺🌞


  5. That was a wonderful ending! Muffin’s picture is too perfect. I winced at Karin’s pain through, I felt it in my leg. 😱
    I agree with Muffin. Those brochure are not needed. If you need vacation. Stay home. Trouble will follow you elsewhere. 😄

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  6. Wow! This was a great chapter. Some vacation, though, with all that happened. Best get ready for trouble to follow you home! 🔫🧱☕️☕️⚡️ ☄️ 💥😬

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  7. Nice Ending Steve 😍✨ It’s hard to end a story, for me writing last part of the story is the toughest one, I actually feel like a kid that was forced into to school or taken away from their parents. Writing in much love with the characters, pretty hard to leave them isn’t it 😇😉 not sure about you, but me, will definitely miss this vacation 😍 Any idea of getting back to Karin or meeting Kathy and John 🤔 😁 This is another beautiful story that ends here ✨🤗a great attempt, and an amazing story teller you are. 😎 Loved it. Regret the delay, reality does hits me hard in blogging time 😜 Excited for what is there next for us. ✨😍✍️ Have a beautiful Sunday ✨😁🤗💐

    Liked by 2 people

    • It’s a little different for me because all of these stories have been connected in some way, always bringing in past characters, so it’s kind of like one long story. So far anyway. Karin will be with us all the time now, unless something happens to her, never know with me!
      Thank you so much for your great comment Simon! And the story continues tomorrow!😃👱‍♀️😺😺🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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      • Yeah that’s right 🤔 how did I not realise that 🙄 told you, not that intelligent ☺️😜. Looking forward to your next part 😎 and pls don’t kill Karin 😸 Waiting for some actions from Muffin and Mr Cat 😍✨

        Liked by 1 person

      • I try not to look in the mirror, even when I shave. I either scare myself😲 or get laughing so much😂🤣 that I end up cutting myself!😳🤪


      • Oh no don’t do that, what if you never see your face, you will forget you 😁 coming to that 😉 how many times in a week you shave 😸🤔☺️ just curious 😁

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      • 🧐that’s quick, I never shave it, if I did, it takes two weeks to grow back to look like I have a shade 😳🙄🤔 not sure why the facial hair is very slow on my face 😁so what I do is actually trim it a bit once a week😂 but the hair on my head grows faster 🤣

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  8. This was awesome, Steve! And I’ve got to get you more pics of Mr. Cat….
    Muffin’s face is priceless—Rossana to the rescue! Keep writing! 😊🖐😻

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  9. I’m glad you are all fine and you have a new neighbour too 😉😻
    This is a very bad vacation! I hope the next one will be a real vacation without beaches and castles 🤪😸

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