Daily Pics #241.

Good morning and Happy Friday to all of you! Thinking about it this morning, for most of my readers it is either Friday evening or afternoon. But here, still morning, fairly early yet, I just finished my breakfast and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. Not much to report on the antics of Jasper and the chipmunks this morning because it’s raining. They are still out there picking up peanuts and seeds, but Jasper seems more content to haul away peanuts this morning than to waste time in the rain chasing chipmunks. And I have scattered more of these milk crates around the deck and put seeds under them for the chipmunks which they are very happy to pick up. Gives them a little variation in their diet this winter. And each chipmunk has his own spot to get the seeds. So no fighting there either. Even the little sparrows have one for them which they are enjoying, although a bit more fighting going on with them. Too many for one milk crate I guess. Fortunately I got all of this in place before the rain started this morning. There is, however, only one place to get peanuts. So I’m sure there will still be some fun out there, but this morning I’m inside and can’t see what is going on out there too well. But so far there has been no chasing.

Muffin decided on going for her morning nap a bit early this morning since for her the action was kind of dull out there. Rainy days are good for naps. They are also good days for reading, along with some nice hot coffee. Unless it’s later in the day. Then I prefer tea. But mostly herbal tea. Like my raspberry leaf tea. I just put out some more peanuts and Coffee was the first one at them. He has gotten a lot more friendly and will even try to climb my leg and sit on my hand. He learned fast. Even Skitter and Skatter won’t do that and they have been here longer.

For our pics today are two wildflowers. The first in our featured image at the top is the common tansy, which not too many people like but it is a very bright flower that fills the countryside in late summer. It’s kind of a daisy without petals. And then in the pic below we have the gray goldenrod.

Contrary to popular opinion, goldenrods are not a problem for allergy sufferers. No one in N. America has ever tested positive to being allergic to goldenrod. The pollen is just too heavy to blow around. They are another late summer and fall flower that are bright and cheery. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

69 Comments on “Daily Pics #241.

  1. Really nice pics!
    Do you like iced coffee?
    I hope y’all have a great weekend!
    I would’ve been first, but the pancakes were burning, so I gave up first place today for them.

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  2. The divine is in everyone and everything,
    After the winter comes the spring…
    Bells of joy start to ring
    And birds , in the sky , fly and sing
    A flying bird has a wing ,
    Every creation is like a king …
    See that your spirit can have joy like a child in a swing…

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  3. Rainy days are great to me…as long as they are not heavy rains…we had a storm during the early morning hours today…refreshing ! Pretty wild flowers ! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸΏπŸΏπŸ₯œπŸŒ§

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    • It rained all morning here, but not heavy. Now it has turned cold with that strong north wind. Fall is certainly here!πŸ˜³πŸ™€πŸ‚


  4. Tigger a neighbor hood cat is scheduled this evening. It has a social life somewhere .Jumper, a small brown and white rabbit travels some around here. Otherwise, I rule the roost.

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