Daily Pics #265. Jasper is Back.

Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all feeling well today and able to get out and enjoy a relaxing Saturday somewhere. Even just going for a walk down the street, or going to a nearby park can be very enjoyable and relaxing. And don’t forget to look for those little unexpected surprises of nature that are often hiding in full view if we look closely enough. And these little treasures can be very beautiful and help us take our minds off the stress in our lives. Speaking of stress, Jasper showed up late yesterday afternoon and was out here first thing this morning looking for his peanuts. But I don’t think his little vacation away from the chipmunks and blue jays helped him too much. He still seems to be his normal nervous self. There are only 2 chipmunks coming right now, it was only Coffee for a while but yesterday afternoon Pocket showed up, so I had a great time with the two of them. Anyway, Jasper was here and spotted Pocket who was just leaving with his peanuts and he managed to get away just as Jasper got to the edge of the deck. Jasper stood there looking. Coffee came along and ended up right beside Jasper, so he stopped and froze.

Jasper turned to see Coffee. Both of them jumped straight up! Coffee flew off the deck! Jasper turned and ran down the steps. After a bit Jasper’s little head poked up over the top step and looked around. Safe. So he came back over to the peanuts. Pocket didn’t notice Jasper sitting there I guess and he jumped up on the step with the pile of peanuts. And Jasper. Poor Jasper. Guess he wasn’t sure what just sat beside him. He ran in circles, scattering the peanuts everywhere! Then he ran over to the edge of the deck and jumped off into the raspberry patch! Pocket didn’t move, but after Jasper was gone he filled up with peanuts and left going over the edge of the deck, just as Jasper was coming up. Couldn’t have been better timed. Jasper noticed Pocket this time and tried to turn but lost his footing and down he went back into the raspberry patch. He came back, scratching, and came over for a peanut. While he was gone the blue jays finished off the remaining peanuts, so I put more out for Jasper. He took a nice big one and left. I haven’t seen him back since then. He seems to be kind of nervous still. Perhaps a longer vacation is needed. But soon he will only have the blue jays to deal with. But that can be worse than chipmunks.

Alsike Clover.

Well, we have more fall colors for our featured image today, its at the tennis courts located at Rabbit Lake. And for our flower picture, above, the alsike clover. Perhaps it’s not really considered a flower by some, but I think it’s really quite pretty. Beauty can be found in many places if we look for it. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

16 Comments on “Daily Pics #265. Jasper is Back.

  1. Wow ! Jasper is so comical ! Altho’ Jasper would not agree…enjoyed the pics ! ☕️☕️🤭😮


    • Nice to hear you are enjoying it! I have never had so much fun in watching all that goes on out there, it’s never happened like this before. But I have never had a squirrel like Jasper before either!😂😹☕☕


  2. Hi Steve, Very Good Morning, I’m late 🙄 I know 😒 lot of things were happening here. I’ll keep you posted later about it. Good to have both of them back again 😍 lol to read 😂😂 thanks for the laugh ✨🤗 Jasper is back ofcourse.. had fun 😍and the alsike clover seems very new, have we ever seen this pic before 🤔😉Hope you had a wonderful weekend ✨🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Simon, I was late this morning too!🙋‍♂️😁
      Yes, it’s nice to have the comedy team back together again!😂😹 I can’t remember if I showed this clover or not, if I did it would have been last year I’m sure, so this is a new picture anyway. Oh well, I’m sure there will be repeats coming up, can’t help it. Yes, the weekend was great, but a little on the cold side!🥶 But it was nice inside anyway, even with the odd things happening.😳 Hope your Monday was great!😁🌞☕☕😺


      • Monday was great 🤔 I think. my left ear was fungal infected, had to spend some huge at clinic 😳. not to worry 😒too many things are happening, which I can’t say it right now. will keep you posted. is okay to have the repeat pictures. not gonna hurt anyone ☺️ excited to see the old pictures 😻😍

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s too bad, sorry to hear that.😕 I will keep you in prayer. When going through my old pictures I’m finding some I don’t even remember myself!😂😹

        Liked by 1 person

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