Daily Pics #268. Jasper And Pocket.

Good morning everyone! It’s kind of, sort of, a little mild this morning, but remaining cloudy and we have had a couple showers too. The showers were not supposed to start until this afternoon, so maybe this means the afternoon will be nice instead. That would be great. I’m trying to get some really good blue jay pics once again. I got some great ones a couple years ago, in the fall, but it’s time for some updates on those. And I’m still hoping to get them in closer as well. Jasper and Pocket finally met again. Jasper was on his way to get some peanuts and Pocket was here and had just picked up one peanut. The chase was on! Pocket went to the edge of the deck and jumped, clearing the raspberry patch. Jasper stopped at the edge of the deck, guess he was thinking, “if Pocket can do it so can I”. He leaped and managed to clear the raspberry patch quite nicely. But his pausing slowed him down and as he hit the ground Pocket was already back up and looking around the deck. He figured it was safe and came over for his peanuts. Jasper could be heard rummaging through the leaves and grass and finally came back up.

He froze when he saw Pocket. Pocket also froze when he saw Jasper. A standoff. Jasper started walking slowly toward Pocket. Pocket decided to walk slowly too, but in a wider circle around Jasper. They were about 2 feet (60cm) apart and Jasper started the chase! Pocket made it to the edge of the deck and went straight down on the wire fencing instead of jumping. Jasper was moving too fast and just kind of tumbled off the edge and into the raspberry patch. I think he must have made it to the bottom about the same time as Pocket, but I don’t think he cared. He came right back up, scratching again. Poor Jasper, those things are prickly. Meanwhile the blue jays had finished off the peanuts. Jasper got to the spot and looked around, nothing. So I found a nice big peanut and gave it to him. He seemed quite happy and ran off to his spot at the top of the steps to eat it.

Musk Mallow.

Our featured image at the top shows more of our fall colors with the brilliant red maple in front of the yellow Manitoba maple. And our flower pic, just above, is the beautiful musk mallow. I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “Daily Pics #268. Jasper And Pocket.

  1. a morning with a lot of trouble between your friends. Well, the blood did not reach the river and you had the solution in your hands so that they did not leave empty-handed. The flower with a wonderful lilac color. Very good photo.
    A big hug
    Manuel Angel

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  2. The fall colours are amazing ! How long has Jasper been coming to your place ? ☕️☕️🍁🍁😻🤔😻

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    • Jasper first showed up in June as a baby from this year. He kept getting chased by the other 2 squirrels who have since disappeared leaving Jasper as the top squirrel.😀😺🍁🍂🌞🌧


  3. God’s beauty can be seen in your pics, Steve. Love them! Never heard of a musk mallow! Maybe a marshmallow 😹 Love the looks of it and the pink color. Jasper and Pocket are a mess! 🤦‍♀️

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