Daily Pics #296.

Good morning to everyone! And it’s a very beautiful morning indeed! The sun is shining and it’s already 41F (5C), which after the last couple of weeks makes it feel like spring has arrived already. And it’s supposed to be 12C (54F) this afternoon. That will make it perfect for working on my bird feeder setup out here. Hopefully this new idea will make things better…no guarantees though. Muffin will be watching carefully out the window while I work. I’m sure she would like to be outside with me, but, that is just not possible. It’s much safer for her to be indoors, too many dangers out here if she was to run off by herself somewhere. Wolves come into town regularly and grab cats and smaller dogs. Plus the greatest danger coming from two-legged types. People, that is. I’ll leave it at that. So Muffin can sit in the sun and watch me make things better for the birds, and for me too.

Very little activity this morning, there’s even less blue jays than normal. Still a few juncos, who showed up first this morning. It was barely getting light when I went out to put food out there for them and they were already showing up. A white-crowned sparrow showed up yesterday. He must have been trapped by the cold somewhere else and now that it’s warmer he is on the move again. First time I have seen one in November actually, normally they would be gone by mid October at the latest. I tried for a picture since he didn’t seem to mind being on the deck with me out there too. So I get my camera, he sees it and he’s gone down to the ground, where it’s harder for a picture among all those raspberry plants. Sigh. I need to camouflage that camera somehow. There was 3 pine grosbeaks at the feeder yesterday afternoon, so they are still around, perhaps when the cold weather returns they will be more regular visitors. The redpolls are still here as well. Nice enough this morning to enjoy sitting out there with my coffee. The blue jays still came down for their peanuts. No one else was around, except the juncos on the ground. No chipmunks. No Jasper. No Theodore. Sigh. A brief reprieve from winter’s effects, but winter has not gone.

Young Jasper.

Well, we are continuing with some of my favorite summer pics this week, and these are certainly not all of them. I might do this again at some point. For our featured image is Pocket, I had asked him to stop and look at the camera and this is what he did. I know he didn’t understand me, but it was perfectly timed. Right after he left, a young Jasper made his first appearance sitting on my knee. Not the best pic, but because it was his first time makes the pic one of my favorites. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

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