Daily Pics #323.

Hello everyone! I’m certainly late here today. It’s a more typical cold winter morning, which is basically over now. Strangely the feeders are not busy this morning, usually that cold weather really brings the birds in for an easy meal. The rock doves have not been here for a couple days now which is making things easier on the remaining birds. Unfortunately, I think many of the birds have been scared away by those doves and may not come back. It will be a lonely winter if that’s the case. Even some of my blue jays were scared away by those rock doves, something I really didn’t think would happen since blue jays are kind of a tough bird. And they are super helpful to have around as they look after the smaller birds, keeping them safe from that nasty shrike who likes to prey on the smaller birds.

Betty, the blue jay.

There’s something different happens every winter. Some winters are plentiful with birds, others not. We got about 3 more inches (7.5cm) of snow yesterday, so it’s really starting to look more like winter all the time. It was cold going out to feed the birds this morning, with that wind blowing it was -18C (0F). I had to wear a heavier jacket today and if this keeps up I will need to start wearing gloves too. It will have to get a bit colder first though. It was just starting to get daylight while I was out there and I heard the familiar sound of ducks flying overhead. There was 8 in that small flock, then another larger flock flew by, then a third flock, all heading down to the river for a day of fishing. They head to the open water on the lake at night, but that river is their daytime fishing spot. I should walk down there one of these days and see how many ducks are there. These were all goldeneye ducks, but sometimes other species will spend the winter too.

Gent, the gray jay.

Our featured image today is my good friend Jasper, I kind of cut off his ears a bit, but it’s still such a nice pic showing his color. Then we have Betty the blue jay on the feeder prior to our latest snowfall and then Gent the gray jay looking straight at me. This is the last day for my Daily Pics, but I will still have a daily post, with pics too, which will start tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2020 Steve McLeod.

60 Comments on “Daily Pics #323.

    • Ice isn’t normally a problem, snow certainly is and I do lose seeds a lot in the winter, but it’s still the best kind of feeder to use. Our northern winter birds for the most part won’t use a feeder with a roof. And a roof doesn’t stop the snow I have found, just a little wind blows the snow under the roof and onto the feeder, leading to the same problem. But a lot of the seeds are found on the snow below by birds and the squirrel.

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  1. Oh my ! Jasper is so cute ! Only chickadees today and one squirrel ! Sleep well both of you ! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸ˜»πŸ˜΄πŸŽ„

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