It’s Coffee Time #92. Spring Returns but…

Good morning everyone! Help yourself to a cup of coffee and relax with us! Well, it actually didn’t freeze last night which is nice and it continues to be very windy from the south. But the forecast was a bit wrong, it was supposed to be sunny today, looks cloudy to me. Still, the sun keeps shining no matter what, really it always shines, we just don’t always see it. I was expecting to see or hear some more spring birds this morning, but still nothing. That’s kind of odd, we should be seeing them by now, perhaps later today. Freddie (squirrel) comes around more now and he has encountered my chipmunks.


He spotted one yesterday and the chase was on! It was Pocket he was chasing, so Pocket went behind a box quickly and Freddie trying to do so kind of slipped and slammed into a post. He came back shaking his head. One for the chipmunks. Then a little while later Skamper showed up and Freddie went after him. Skamper jumped off the deck, followed by Freddie who landed on a couple of stiff raspberry plants and they kind of flipped him over onto his back. Freddie returned, scratching and shaking his head. That’s two for the chipmunks. Freddie grabs a peanut and leaves. A short time later Jasper shows up so I sit and talk with him. “How’s your day?” Loud chip. “Oh, sorry I asked. I see Freddie comes around more.” Chip. “Oh, you decided to let him come sometimes. Good choice, he’s tough.”


Loud chip. “Oh, yes, you are tougher.” So I told Jasper about Freddie and the chipmunks. Several chips in a row. I almost got the impression he was laughing. “You should make peace with the chipmunks and let them deal with Freddie.” Jasper looks at me. Chip. “Oh, it would make you look bad with the other squirrels because squirrels are supposed to chase chipmunks.” Chip. “Yes, I realize the other squirrels are already giving you a hard time lately. But do you really want to fight 3 squirrels and 5 chipmunks?” He looks at me. Loud chip. “Yes, there’s Pocket, Chester, Skamper, Skitter and Coffee, although I haven’t seen Coffee for a while now.” Chip. “Time to leave? Here, take a big peanut with you.” Chip. “You’re welcome.” And off he goes through the trees and back to his home. He certainly lives a long ways off, so strange. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “It’s Coffee Time #92. Spring Returns but…

  1. Jasper rocks alone 😎good, keep sharing your advice, that will help him ☺️ it was a nice chase though 😂. Enjoyed it, Good Friday Uncle Steve 🤗💐

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    • So far Jasper is holding on, but I think Freddie is going to win eventually.😬 Happy Good Friday, um, hmm, guess it’s Saturday for you. Rats, too late.😳🙄


      • Good Friday was good… turns out to be Saturday 😵 too late, my weekend is disappearing as soon it looked fun 😲,🧐 I’ll get busy for Easter Sunday special lunch ☺️ the least thing I can do 😂😂

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      • What’s to get ready?🤔 All you need is an appetite!😂😹 Eat some for me too,😄😸 especially if it’s cake you have to eat an extra piece for me!😁😃🎂😋

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      • Definitely cakes are getting ready… hope I’ll be eating cakes tomorrow evening.. or… we have planned another food called mandi briyani 😉 cakes or briyani..😁 anything will happen 🤗

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      • Yup 😁 eat lots that was my plan until … 🙄😲 I can’t say it right now… let me get out of where I am right now 😳

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      • Good for you! 😀Don’t forget, you need to eat an extra piece for me!😋😋 So if someone asks you can say you have to do it🙄 because I asked.😁😳🙄


      • Extra Extra pieces including Nishas Leftover 😁😋 It is a wonderful beginning of the special day.. Lot of eating since mrng, just as you asked 🤗🤗 Wishing you a delightful Easter Sunday💐

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  2. It is amazing to see what is happening around us, when we observant. Freddie sure does like to chase, no matter what else the consequences. Glad it has warmed up a bit in your area. Here in the Far North it is zero F with a predicted high of 10 F. The sun is shining and for the being, it is not snowing. We have had snow everyday for the past 3 weeks and still have much snow on the ground. Happy Resurrection Day!

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    • It is a lot of fun to watch all that happens out here, and I’m sure I miss a lot of the chases too. Yes, I think spring is here to stay now, a very nice early spring for us, even though a few days of cold got tossed in! But now it is very dry in the forest and there has already been a couple small fires. Could be a bad fire season for us this year, but it’s still early to know yet. Yes indeed, Happy Resurrection Day!

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