Sunday’s Sunshine #27.

Good morning everyone on this sunny Sunday morning! Looks like it will be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, though right now it’s a bit chilly. But it will warm up a bit, not like last week, but still very nice for October, warmer than normal for us anyway. Now they are telling us that October is going to be warmer than normal all month, before it was supposed to be cooler than normal and an early winter. I still say it will be an early winter though. I would prefer a late start to winter, but sometimes we need to be realistic. There are getting to be more chickadees all the time, which is nice, they are just such a cute little bird.

A sunflower in the yard.

The two white-breasted nuthatches are around a lot now too and getting more friendly every day. They’re bigger than the chickadees and I’m hoping to get them to come onto my hand, like the chickadees do, to get seeds. That would be fantastic. I have had lots of the red-breasted nuthatches on my hand over the years, but never a white-breasted nuthatch. Maybe this year it will happen. Ricky was here yesterday for breakfast so I got him something, didn’t have too much for him though.

I haven’t seen him around for a few days so I thought he had left. But it was nice to see him back again. And the hairy woodpecker was back and came down to the step to get a peanut like he did back in the spring. Still seems like such an odd thing to see a woodpecker come down for peanuts like the blue jays. But it’s fun anyway. Hopefully he will keep coming. And there were 8 evening grosbeaks around most of the day feasting away on sunflower seeds. Things are getting set for the winter season ahead.

A nice autumn tree.

There was a female purple finch too, that’s actually 2 days in a row for her. There should be a few more birds yet that will be added to our winter group. But for now I will enjoy the autumn group. Juncos have returned from the far north and are coming around looking for seeds. They have competition from the chipmunks this year though. Normally the chipmunks have gone to bed by the time the juncos show up, but the nice weather is keeping them awake longer. Nice weather does that, which is nice. Have a beautiful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

8 Comments on “Sunday’s Sunshine #27.

  1. What a blessing it is to have a variety of birds come to your area ! The autumn tree is spectacular ! Do you know the name ? Warmer weather coming to us this week…there was dense fog this morning…have a great day ! ☕️☕️😀😻☕️☕️🍂

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    • Very foggy here too, now it’s cloudy, and it was supposed to be sunny all day. Yes, should be a nice week. I don’t know what kind of tree, possibly a type of cherry tree.😃😻🌞☕☕


    • Thanks Eugenia! The fall colors are not as good as usual this year, the leaves are falling right away instead of hanging on a few days like normal. The weather is great, all week will be well above normal for us!🌞😃😺😎🌲🍁🍂🦃

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