Monday’s Musings #23.

Good Monday morning everyone! And how are all of you today? It’s going to be another beautiful day, at least it’s supposed to be anyway, so I hope they’re right. It’s a bit of a chilly start to the day, much like it was yesterday morning. But we have to expect that now. Still, the weather is very nice these days, and it’s supposed to be sunny and warm all week. Wow, our fall colors are falling fast this year. Usually the leaves turn yellow and stay that way for a week or so, but not this year. They are turning yellow, and other colors, then the leaves drop off the trees right away. Half the trees are bare already.

So I guess we won’t be getting a good show of colors this year either, that’s 2 years in a row. But that happens at times. Theodore came by yesterday and stayed for quite a while. Theodore is a wild turkey for those of you who haven’t met her yet. Yes, she is a female, but I’m not changing her name, she’s used to it now, so why confuse her by changing it? She and I sat and talked for a while. “How was your summer Theodore?” Gerbil, gerbil. “Oh, you had to go a long distance to find a mate? That’s too bad.”

Theodore the wild turkey watching the chickadees.

Gerbil, gerbil. “You should have stayed here? Maybe some males will come here next year.” Gerbil, gerbil. “They think it’s too far to fly? But you turkeys fly fast.” Gerbil, gerbil. “Oh, you think it was just an excuse. Maybe they just don’t like it around here.” Gerbil, gerbil. “That’s true, it is nice here, and lots of free food all winter.” Gerbil, gerbil. “You told them that, but they still didn’t want to come, how strange. Anyway, I missed having you around, you’re welcome anytime.” Gerbil, gerbil. “You’re welcome.” Off she flies.

She’s still the biggest bird I have ever had on my bird feeder. It looked funny as she bent over looking under the feeder at the little chickadees on the feeders below her. They’re not as big as her head. I kept hoping one of them would land on the feeder next to Theodore so I could get a picture, that would be so amazing! Maybe it will happen one of these days. I hope you all have a marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Monday’s Musings #23.

  1. Lovely pics ! Maybe Theodore was looking to see whether she could get at the seeds ! Have a good night ! 😀😻😴

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