Our October Hike, Part 3.

Hi everyone, we’re back with the continuation of our autumn hike from this morning, which was continued from yesterday morning. Anyway, let’s get started and see what fun we end up having…

Dad and I stood there looking over the edge of this rocky hill.  “You go first”, said Dad.  Naturally.  If Dad decides to fall he will flatten me.  Oh well.  Down I ventured.  Really wasn’t so bad.  Until we came to one part about half way down.  “This part might be a bit tricky”, I said.  “Impossible”, said Dad, “we’ll have to go back and find a different way”.  “We can do it”, I continued, “right over here”.  We looked.  “Maybe”, said Dad, “you go first”.  Naturally.  “If you start to fall just grab that little tree over there”, I said. 

Not the same spot we were at, but not far from it.

“That little tree is going to stop me?”, he questioned.  “Sure, it’s probably rooted good”, I said.  Anyway, down I went.  Slipped on some moss.  Went down fast.  Grabbed little tree.  Pulled little tree out by the roots.  Kept going down.  Grabbed a larger tree and stopped.  “See, nothing to it”, I yelled to Dad.  He just looked.  Dad started down slowly.  I think he slipped on the same piece of moss.  Down he came.  Rather fast.  I moved out of the way and yelled, “grab that tree”.  Guess he didn’t hear me. 

The look on his face as he slid past me.  Priceless.  Too bad I didn’t have a camera.  Dad was on his stomach now.  Bad choice.  Now he can’t see where he’s going.  His arms were swinging all over the place.  Probably trying to grab onto something.  Then somehow he got himself turned around and he was going sideways.  Oh, oh.  Wham!  I finally made it down to where he was.  “Good thing your back pack cushioned you when you hit that tree”, I said. Dad looked a bit dazed. 

Squirrel up a tree chattering at me.

“At least we’re nearly at the bottom now”, I continued.  Dad just looked.  Once at the bottom there was this creek.  “Looked smaller from up there”, I said. “Right”, said Dad.  “There’s an old log across the creek we can use”, I said.  Dad looked at it. “Looks solid enough”, he said, “you go first”.  Naturally.  The creek was only about 6 feet wide and the water didn’t look deep anyway.  That pileated woodpecker followed us and was hammering away at the base of another tree.  A little squirrel was scurrying around looking for his food as well.  Then he spotted us and quickly ran up a tree and chattered.

I was a bit nervous about this old log. “Get going”, said Dad, “it’s safe”. He had a smile on his face as he said that. Off I went. No problem. Dad made it across as well. Amazing. He actually didn’t get wet this time. Once across we then had to climb another hill to get up to the tracks. Only about 20 feet, but very steep. Dad started to slip. But he managed to grab a small shrub. “AAAAAAAA!!!!!”, he yelled. Guess he grabbed a rose bush. Those wild rose bushes are just absolutely covered with small thorns. Not fun. After arriving onto the tracks we walked just a bit more up onto a small rocky hill. It was in the sun, facing south, a nice warm spot to have a snack and nice, hot coffee!

Hmm, guess we will have to continue this tomorrow, it’s a little longer than I thought. Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Our October Hike, Part 3.

  1. Did you bring the coffee ? And the sandwich ? How did Dad climb up the hill ? I would not have made it across the log…glad I was not there ! When is the next instalment ?…☕️☕️🙂🤔😲😧

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have to wait for the next part to find out what happens! Part 4 might be in the morning post, or in the afternoon, not sure yet. The log was a bit scary but it was big and dry so that helped. But…😳☕☕🙀🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🍁🍂


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