Sunday’s Sunshine! #30

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! It’s a cool and, um, well, dark morning here today. Yep, I’m early today so it’s still dark out there. Therefore there’s no action at the feeders yet and there’s no food out there yet either. I don’t go out while it’s still dark, not with bears still roaming around. One of these days they will finally decide to hibernate and it will be safe to go out. And freeze. Which is also not very healthy. But it’s healthier than meeting a bear. The feeders were very busy all day yesterday.

I think those grosbeaks are fattening themselves up to travel somewhere else before winter hits. I also discovered yesterday that there are definitely 4 white-breasted nuthatches and 7 purple finches (there may even be 9 of them, but I’m not positive about that). Ricky is still here too, he’s staying kind of late. I told him again yesterday to be careful not to stay too long. I like having him around, but I don’t want him to freeze. Well, maybe we should have part 2 of our autumn hike with dad and I which I started yesterday. Just a short part, then part 3 will come out this afternoon. So here we go…

It was mostly level walking.

Then we heard the sound of a train in the distance. “Almost there”, I called out to Dad who had fallen back a bit. I decided to wait for him to catch up. “Over this way,” I pointed, and off I went through some undergrowth. Dad followed. Suddenly Dad yelled. He claimed I let go of a branch which hit him in the face, knocking his hat and glasses off. “You shouldn’t follow so close,” I reminded him. “Bonehead”, he said. Well, at least he’s enjoying himself. “I’ll help you look for your glasses”, I said. “NO!”, said Dad. How odd. He bent over to pick up his glasses. I went over to pick up his hat. “AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”, yelled Dad.

A few late asters showed up along the way.

I turned around. Dad was lying on the ground. “Getting tired?”, I asked. He said I pushed him when I went to retrieve his hat. I think he tripped and didn’t want to admit it. Remember, he was very accident prone. “There it is”, I pointed. “There is what?”, asked Dad, “I don’t see anything”. “Down there”, I said. About 100 feet down this rock hill was the train we heard. “We just need to go down this hill and across that little creek and we’re almost there”, said I. “Almost?”, questioned Dad. “Well, we have to walk down the tracks a bit to the town site”, I replied. Dad just looked down this hill. “Rather steep”, he said. “We should be able to do it okay”, I said. “It’ll be worse coming back up”, Dad added. “Minor detail”, I said…

Can we make it or do we give up? We’ll find out in the next part this afternoon. Until then, have a sunny Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

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