Monday’s Musings. #27

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone! So nice to have you stop by today and chat a while. Well, we had a number of flurries yesterday and this morning it’s cold with more flurries. But the temperature should rise to 32F (0C) by this afternoon, and not quite so warm tomorrow. But it will be nice once again by the end of the week, then back to cold. This up and down temp is hard on the arthritis. Think I mentioned that before. Oh well. The birds are sure busy these days, it’s amazing how much they can eat too. However, there was a lot last fall too, but not many stayed around for the winter months.

River in the summer.

That hawk that has been around caught one of my grosbeaks yesterday. Actually I’m sure it caught one the other day too. Still haven’t seen it well enough to know for sure what kind of hawk it is though. But it’s here every day. The deer are coming around every day now, except there’s no bucks, but they probably come at night. Mama was out here yesterday morning when I went out to hang up the bird feeders. She was staring off to the side. Even talking to her wouldn’t make her move. She just kept staring. I stared too but couldn’t see anything. She obviously saw something. But what? Almost made me nervous. Okay, it did make me nervous.

Muffin does the same thing. She suddenly wakes up and stares at the door. I listen, but can’t hear a thing. Finally I go look. Nothing out there. When I was living at my last apartment I had another cat, her name was Bonnie. Suddenly she woke up and ran to the window staring. Okay, so I get up and look. Nearly jumped out of my socks! There was a face staring back at me! A big face, a buck that I had named Tiny. He was an 8 point buck, but was very big for an 8 pointer. He and Bonnie liked each other.

River in the summer.

Bonnie weighed 7 pounds, a very small cat. I went and opened the door to let Tiny come in and say hi to Bonnie. They would sniff noses and lick each other, very cute actually. It’s too bad I had no camera back then. As I mentioned, Tiny was rather big, coming inside was easy for him, getting him back outside wasn’t so easy. He had to back up. I would push gently on his antlers to let him know it was time to leave and he would back up and go, with, um, a treat. He was happy. So was Bonnie. Well, I hope you all have a marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

11 Comments on “Monday’s Musings. #27

    • Yes, it was fun to watch the two of them, such a size difference. Bonnie would get so excited when Tiny came to visit!
      Thanks Ribana! I hope you have a wonderful week as well!😁😻🌞☕☕🦌

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    • Yes, I think perhaps God blessed me with that ability. It was fun watching the two of them, Bonnie always got so excited when Tiny came to visit. Quite amazing she wasn’t scared of such a bit animal!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That was quite the scene…a deer and a cat ? You let the buck into your house ? That was brave of you ! Hmmm…sleep well ! 😻🙂🦌🤭😴

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    • Tiny was tame as a kitten and he was so big, Bonnie was so small! Amazing they got along so well. Yep, Tiny came inside sometimes. He went out easily enough. Have a great day!😁😻☕☕🦌


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