Steve And Muffin’s Weekly Art In Nature. #11

Hi everyone! We’re back finally, though not quite on the right day, but it took a while to get things sorted out and working properly once again. Anyway, we’re here to share some more beautiful mushrooms with you as our continuing look at art in nature. But first, the top picture is not a mushroom, it’s the fall seeds of the common tansy which really make for a nice fall display and a great picture for art in nature. Plus, they are very easy to find most everywhere around here.

A very short stemmed mushroom, not easy to get this photo.

Mushrooms, on the other hand, are a little harder to find at times, but some years they can be very numerous and found quite easily, even on people’s lawns, which some people don’t particularly like. It depends on the type of mushroom though, some can be a bit detrimental to lawns, while others are not a problem. These two mushrooms are photographed from underneath again, as you probably noticed.

This one was a bit easier, very beautiful, and not one to eat.

For our art in nature I think that makes them really stand out. However, we will be showing some from the top soon as well as many are quite beautiful. Unfortunately some of those beautiful ones can also be some of the most poisonous ones. But I will point that out as we go along. Anyway, today is just for the art aspect, so feel free to look and enjoy! Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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