Fantastical Friday! #29

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday! It’s cloudy, windy and 23F (-5C) right now, but it is going to warm up to 28F (-2C) by this afternoon. Not too bad. The birds are busily eating their breakfast, lots of chickadees and nuthatches, plus the blue jays. There is not as many blue jays around now, I figure maybe 12 or 14, down from the 22 that was here a couple weeks ago. There is a few evening grosbeaks as well, but nowhere near as many as yesterday. And they have flown away again for some reason. I just put out some peanuts for the blue jays again, so they are quite happy.

Adult bald eagle.

So is the male hairy woodpecker who also enjoys peanuts. He came and got one and is now in the birch tree enjoying his prize. Yesterday there was about 30 common redpolls out here through the sunflower seed shells left behind by the grosbeaks. There are always bits and pieces of the seeds left in those shells, just perfect for the little redpolls to eat. They can open the seeds too, but it’s a long process for those little birds. Their beaks are small so it’s hard for them to open sunflower seeds, but that’s the seeds they want.

When it gets real cold I will smash a bunch of sunflower seeds with my hammer so the little birds, like the redpolls, don’t have to work so hard. I will do that with peanuts too since the little birds like peanuts but can’t open them. And peanuts are excellent food for the birds, a lot of nutrients, plus oil to help keep them warm on the cold winter days and nights. I’m still in the process of changing things around in here. It is going slower than I thought, and also not working out as good as I thought.

Immature bald eagle.

So a couple of my ideas needed some changing. I do not quite like the new changes however, but maybe after a while I will get used to it and like it. It is always best to leave things for a few days, just to see if it really is going to work that way or not. Mostly things are going well, but there is something I don’t like yet. Rearranging the furniture can be fun though and gives a whole new look to a place. Oh, Bruiser and Browser, the twin bears, were back again last night. But there was no garbage for them this time so they didn’t stay long. Maybe they will be around all winter. That would be terrible. Oh well. That reminds me, time for another cup of coffee and get back to my rearranging. Have a fantastical Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

43 Comments on “Fantastical Friday! #29

  1. Great photos Steve ! Suppose to snow this morning, but so far there is nothing…must go and have some coffee…have an interesting day ! ☕️☕️🙂😻☕️☕️🐻🐻

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