Sunday’s Sunshine. #37

Good morning to everyone on this beautiful Sunday! It’s going to be mostly sunny and a high of 36F (2C), maybe even warmer. That is amazing for a December day for us. That is just way above normal, but it is nice though. But I imagine that colder weather is not too far away. Although it is going to get a bit warmer yet before we return to more normal temps. Sure does help to take a big bite out of a long winter though. It is dark, too early for any of my birds to be active yet. Not even those early chickadees are moving around at this early time.

Nice geraniums on my deck last summer.

Poor Jasper had his paws full yesterday, chasing away two other squirrels that just would not get the hint they were not wanted around here. Jasper barely got a chance to eat his peanuts. So he would take one and bury it in the snow, then go off and chase Chase around for a while. And Chuck the crow was right there when Jasper left his peanut and dug it up quickly and was off with it. Then after chasing Chase away he came back to his buried peanut, only to discover it was no longer there. He searched and dug around, but nothing was found. So then he came and got another one.

But he never got to finish it and squirrel 2 came along and tried coming on the deck to get a peanut as well. That was too much for Jasper and off he went chasing this squirrel, with part of the peanut still in his mouth. I find it interesting that they can still chatter so loudly even while eating a peanut. Anyway, once Jasper chased this squirrel past the fence, then the other squirrel turned and chased Jasper. After all, Jasper was now in his territory. That is called territorial advantage. Squirrels tend to fight harder when defending their own territory and the invading squirrel usually lacks confidence and backs away a bit.

Close up of a single delphinium flower.

Unless there is peanuts involved, then they will not give up quite so easily and keep trying to invade, which is why squirrel 2 and Chase just do not want to give up, even though Jasper keeps chasing them away. Muffin is looking at me, she wants the chair all to herself, not share it with me. She even tries to push her head behind my back. Her way of saying, “you have been sitting in my chair long enough, now get out of there!”. She might be right though, time for another coffee. Thank you for stopping by, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (All pictures are from last summer)

©2021 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “Sunday’s Sunshine. #37

    • That’s true, unless the invader comes after their peanuts. Often where people feed them, squirrels will have smaller territories too. When they have to rely totally on natural food then they need to have a larger territory.


  1. Beautiful photos, Steve! Callie likes to sit in my computer chair when I get up and when I try to move her she gets mad at me. She is such a little diva and she knows those big gold eyes will get her what she wants. 😸☕️☕️🍩 🍪

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