Wandering Through Wednesday. #13

Good morning everyone! I’m late again today, it has been a busy morning. We received another 2 inches of snow overnight and since it started snowing when the temp was above freezing and then continued after the temp fell below freezing, that snow is sticking to everything. So everything looks more like winter again. I did not bother taking any photos of this new snow however. I already have pictures that look just like this, so why take more? I must admit, with each passing day I am looking more for spring, not winter.

And we have a strong, cold north wind again today. That will keep our temps a bit cooler for a day or two. The feeders are sure busy today, just like they were yesterday. There are more than 50 evening grosbeaks and at least 200 redpolls again. Those redpolls are impossible to count accurately so I just estimate their numbers. I got very good at estimating while doing various bird studies and bird counts years ago. And those estimates can be amazingly close to real numbers.

Male common redpoll.

I actually think their number is well above the 200 mark now. They are literally everywhere out there, filling the spaces on the feeders between the grosbeaks, all over the ground out back and in the neighbors yard, and still filling the trees. They will likely stay until the weather warms up again. Jasper and Chase are chasing again the this morning. And they are really running fast today. It is amazing watching them run down a tree! Hard to believe they can go that fast and not fall.

Then it is back up to the top of the next tree. Occasionally they “connect” and have an “argument”, then Chase manages to break free and off they go again. I watched them do this for half an hour without a break, except when the stopped to “argue” for a bit. I think Chase really won the one “argument” and left Jasper a bit dazed. Chase used that time to run off, but Jasper quickly closed the gap again and they continued for quite a while after that.

Female evening grosbeak looking at something.

They even came along twice running on the snow zigzagging between all the redpolls on the snow and those little birds did not even pay any attention to them, just kept on looking for food. Jasper finally chased Chase back home and he is now out here eating peanuts to restore his energy. Spring is coming. Thank you for joining us this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

11 Comments on “Wandering Through Wednesday. #13

  1. Jasper and Chase sure provide much entertainment. The birds certainly know where to come for food. Spring has come to your area, with fluctuating temperatures, longer daylight and some winter like weather. The snow will not stay and will eventually melt. It is my observation that Spring weather is inconsistent but eventually leaves. It is a hard time of year. Where I live, we have festivals, ice carving, and sled dog races to help get us through the wintery Spring. Blessings!

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    • Yep, I enjoy watching those two! They sure have fantastic stamina to keep running like that for so long, considering how small they are. I don’t know if I would really call it spring yet, until the temps warms and stays that way. Which hopefully will start next week, even then snow will be around for a long time yet, so not much can be done outdoors until it’s gone. This town basically goes to sleep for the winter, everything is geared for the summer tourists. I think they miss out a lot by not focusing a bit more on winter tourism. Have a great evening!😊😺

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      • We have tourists from around the world all year. The Northern Lights and winter attracts many along with our winter activities. Summer with the midnight sun and great beauty attracts even more. Even the birds travel from Asia, South America, and a few other places come to visit. 😊

        Enjoying my evening with bright sunshine making diamonds in the snow.


  2. Yes, we got snow too ! ❄️❄️💨 this morning we had ice crystals on the trees which looked breathtaking ! Like real crystal gems ! Amazing art from Almighty God ! Your pics are great ! Have a restful sleep tonight ! 🙂😻😴

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