The Investigators, Inc. Back To Iceland. Chapter 4. The Judge.

We all got to the courthouse in the morning only to find that our case has been temporarily postponed. It seems the judge was shot and killed overnight. Harmon is trying to lay the blame on my team which is ridiculous, the judge was more on our side than his, something that I pointed out. However, this was a bad turn of events, now we need a new judge. But will he be on Harmon’s payroll? Or will he be honest like the last judge?

Harmon did not seem to be too worried and that had me worried. He did say that we could pick any judge from the list since we were both given the choice to do that. Baldwin checked around and found out from a judge friend of his that there is one other judge not on the list because he is on vacation, and he would be the best choice. So Baldwin went to work to find this judge. Once Baldwin found him and explained the situation he was quite happy to come back and take over.

Because it would take a while for him to familiarize himself with the case things were postponed indefinitely. It does mean sitting in jail for a longer period of time, but I would prefer that so we get a good judge to help and not let Harmon push things his way. One good point is that it will give Jake more time to figure out what he is going to do. One evening a phone call came for Harmon at his hotel. “Phone for you boss,” said his bodyguard.

“I am not talking to anyone,” he growled, “so tell him not to bother me.” “He does not want to talk,” said the bodyguard. “He will talk to me or The Company goes under, and so will he,” said the voice. “Um, you might want to talk with this guy boss,” said the bodyguard, “he knows about The Company.” Harmon grabs the phone. “Well, what do you want?”, said Harmon, “I’m a busy man.” “And you will be much busier,” said the voice, “now listen for a minute.”

Then Jake started to read out what was in Mikkael’s notebook, he read just 3 names and Harmon interrupted. “Who are you?”, he growled. “My name is not important,” said Jake, “but this information sure is. I am certain that your competitors would love to get this information, there are 200 names here, all across Europe. I am also sure that your directors would not be too happy to know you lost this.” “Okay, how much?”, asked Harmon.

Right then Jake got a phone call from Annelie. “Hang on a moment Harmon,” said Jake. “Make it fast girl, I am talking with Harmon about that notebook,” said Jake. Annelie then told him the news. “Thank you girl!,” he said. “Okay Harmon,” said Jake, “now this here notebook is only part of what I have. First, let me say I also have a big organization and all 200 people on this list are being watched as we speak, and they know it too.

Second, all the money from Mikkael’s safe is mine, plus all the books he kept in there which list you as the CEO of The Company, plus each of your directors is mentioned, along with addresses, phone numbers, earnings, and each of your signatures as well. Hard to back away from these goodies Harmon. Shall we keep talking?” “Yeah, we keep talking, how much do you want?”, he growled.

“I already have that money, a substantial haul I must say,” said Jake, “good enough for my time to get this stuff. Now, if you want these books back, well, the price is high, but not money. You see, I have a friend, we do not work together, matter of fact, we are on opposite sides of the law. But he is still a friend from way back, and someone is framing him right now Harmon, you should know who I mean by now.

I want him free, total like, so that not even the cops could come back at him. Say you made a mistake and you found the real person now, but whatever you do, it better be done fast. I am not a man with a lot of patience.” “I need time to think,” said Harmon, much subdued now. “Fine,” said Jake, “you have half an hour, then I contact your directors, and one of your competitors.” Then he hung up.

“Well, did you find out where he is calling from?”, growled Harmon to his bodyguard. “Phil says no, he could not find him at all, like his call was coming from nowhere,” said the bodyguard. Harmon slammed his fist on the desk. “That is impossible!” he yelled. Harmon then called some of the 200 people on that list and each one said they were being watched and it was making them nervous.

“Think it could be that PI?”, said the bodyguard. “Nah, his little team could not pull this off so fast,” he said, “they would not even know where to look for that safe, and with the police guarding the lodge they would never be able to get in and have the time to look around for it.” “How did this other guy do it then?”, he asked. “How should I know?”, said Harmon, “but it makes me think that Mikkael had this planned out all along.”

To Be Continued.

ยฉ2022 Steve McLeod.

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  1. Very nicely done!! Now we need to wait for Monday to find out if they let you out of jail!๐Ÿ˜€ But how are you going to put Harmon out of business and in jail himself?๐Ÿค”

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