Coffee For Friday. #21

Good morning on this chilly, snowy Friday! Yes, I woke up to that white snow covering everything outside this morning. Not much though, less than an inch (2cm), and most of it has melted now. The birds were here early and digging through the snow to find some seeds leftover from yesterday. They were not doing so good, however, since there really was no leftovers to find.

I must admit to not being very thrilled at seeing snow around this time of the year. However, it was only a reminder of what is coming, not winter itself moving in. And the temperature has already risen to 34F (1C). The evening grosbeaks just took over the bird feeder by chasing all the blue jays away. Several of the grosbeaks now stand up to the blue jays, which is good to see. They are learning.

Male evening grosbeak in the birch tree.

There are so many juncos around now, they are all over the ground and the deck, and trying to get on the feeders. The grosbeaks do not mind sharing with them. The white-throated sparrows have all gone now it would seem, and I have not seen the fox sparrow since Wednesday. The chickadees and nuthatches keep squeezing in between the other birds to get seeds.

I like to spend a little time out there each day which keeps the bigger birds off the feeder so the chickadees and nuthatches can get seeds more easily for a while. It was a bit cool yesterday though, but I still stayed out there for a little while anyway. I will do the same today. I have lost quite a few chickadees though. There was about a dozen of them, now I only see 4.

Female evening grosbeak in the same birch tree.

Nuthatches are still the same number, but they are more aggressive than the chickadees and do not mind fighting a bit with the other birds to get their seeds. Chickadees are not aggressive type birds, so they give up and move elsewhere if the competition is too much. But I am hoping they will come back once I have things set up properly. They are not far away, they just moved to the neighbors next to me, on either side.

Those people have hanging feeders which the bears leave alone. That is interesting too. They are low enough that the bears could easily reach them, but they do not. Sigh. I am still working on my fall cleaning. It is taking a long time, but I am not doing much each week. Basically, Friday afternoon is devoted to my fall cleaning. So it takes a while.

Baxter the blue jay in the same birch tree.

But it is safer this way, so I do not overdo it and hurt myself. This has nothing to do with my regular cleaning though. Well, it is almost time for the birds to have their lunch. I hope you enjoy the pics today. Have a wonderful Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Coffee For Friday. #21

  1. Yuck, white snow in your part of the woods? That’s too bad, unless of course you like snow. I can’t fathom why anyone likes the cold white stuff lol

    It was freezing here yesterday (no snow) and today it was 8C at 7:40am. The sunrise was interesting. Part of the sky was bright red, forewarning a storm’s brewing, but strangely enough there’s no storm today.

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    • Yes indeed, that white lumpy rain descended upon us. But it all melted today, though we did have flurries throughout the day as well.
      Perhaps there was stormy weather higher in the mountains. I don’t want a storm this time of year, that would be snow for sure that would stay with us!
      Hope you have a nice weekend to enjoy! 😊😺🍂🍁❄️

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  2. Snow came last night, but has since melted…🌨 great pics again Steve ! The grosbeak is standing so magestically, so confidently ! Rest well tonight ! 😴😻🙂❗️

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    • Thank you so much Sharon! Yes, the snow melted here too, though it took until noon. We had flurries throughout the day. Have a good night! 😊😻🍂🍁❄️🌛😴


  3. So jealous!! Our lower 48 predictions are for a colder but less snowier winter down here. And we usually do not snow until late December or early January, and rarely lasts more than a couple days.
    A couple exceptions gave us major headaches of impedance, but even in those times it was beautiful.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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    • Oh my, for us they are forecasting a repeat of last winter, long, cold, lots of snow. I will go crazy for sure. I barely made it through last winter. Oh well, we get what we get. Enjoy your weekend CA , God bless! 😊😺🍂🍁❄️

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  4. While winter is approaching in your house, we are starting spring in Chile. The photos are awesome. A treat for the eyes. You are extremely lucky to enjoy nature live and direct. Happy weekend to you.

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  5. All the pictures were amazing. Lovely shot at a beautiful evening right? I feel the sunset feeling looking at it. Or is it earlier morning pic? Warm and beautiful 😍.who likes winter? Nobody ofcourse, maybe some like it for short time, but Ontario has it for sometime 🤣😂. Happy fall cleaning, take your time and do it slowly, what hurry? U r not chased by a bear, only your feeders got chased 🤔 wonder why 🤣😂. U should train muffin about 🤔ummm run away? Or make bear run? Or rub? Basis your training the outcome will be 😅. have a nice day 💓💓

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    • Sorry to disappoint Simon, but the pics were all taken at noon! 😁📷But with the sun so low in the sky now it does look like a more evening like shot. Well, around here many people like winter, which is why they live here. Most of us just kind of live through it, not enjoy it!❄️😂😹 Yep, fall cleaning, there is no rush for sure, it will get done slowly which is just fine with me.😄 Maybe my bird feeders have better tasting food than everyone else’s feeders. 🤔🙄The word is out everywhere, “go to Steve’s restaurant, he has the best food”! 😂😹Have a great weekend Simon! 😊😻🌛🍂🍁❄️


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