Saturday Sharing, With Coffee! #9

Hello to each of you and Happy Saturday as well! It was very foggy again this morning and it put just a light layer of frost on the branches, which is all gone now. The fog did not stay around long enough to produce much frost like it did earlier this winter. It was 14F (-10C) this morning, not too bad for a winter morning.

Although we have already begun what is called “meteorological” spring which goes from March 1st to the end of May. That is a bit different than the equinox spring, and other seasons. The meteorological seasons match better to the weather we actually have up here in the north. But I digress.

Female Evening Grosbeak on the feeder.

The weather has been nice lately, yesterday the high temperature was 36F (2C), which was just beautiful. Kind of felt a bit like spring too. I can actually sit on the deck with my coffee and enjoy the birds all around me. Even with no food on my hands, the chickadees and nuthatches will still land on my arm and on my head.

Female Common Redpoll on the feeder.

One chickadee sat on my head for quite a while, I am not sure why, although he may have been waiting his turn at the peanut pieces. It can get quite busy at those peanut pieces. I even had one of the boreal chickadees land on my head briefly, and one tried to land on my arm as well.

Male Purple Finch waiting to come to the feeder.

Now I make sure I have some peanut pieces to put on my hand when the chickadees and nuthatches are around. They only stay about 15 minutes, then they leave for a while. But there are other birds around now, like the pine grosbeaks. Most of those have headed on north now, but 5 are still coming. There were over 40 evening grosbeaks yesterday, but only 4 this morning, all females.

Male Pine Grosbeak high in the birch tree.

There were also 3 male purple finches out here this morning, their red feathers shining nicely in the sun. There are 2 of them sitting on a branch right outside my window right now, they look so beautiful. But sitting out on the deck with the birds flying around, chirping and singing so nicely, that is solitude.

Ned the Red-breasted Nuthatch always like to hang around here.

A wonderful way to spend a little time, just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the nature around you. And you can find it right in your own yard, no need to go anywhere. Just sit and enjoy that quietude, listening to the singing of the birds. A great way to forget about that stress and problems for a while. Just enjoy the solitude. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Saturday Sharing, With Coffee! #9

  1. What beautiful birds you captured in photos. You might have had the chickadee stay on your head, to stay warmer and tell you it appreciated your feeding them. Have a restful weekend and enjoy!

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  2. So sweet ! You truly have captured the beauty of of these birds ! Thank you for sharing ! πŸ™‚πŸ˜»πŸ“·β—οΈ

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