Thursday’s Thoughts, With Coffee. #17

Good morning on this cloudy and very wet Thursday. Time for a cup of coffee and join me with my birds today. We actually got some rain last night instead of that white stuff that I do not like to think about anymore. There are still piles of white here and there, but mostly it is all gone, finally. I hope no more shows up until next winter.

Anyway, it is cool out there. Even yesterday, although it was nice in the morning, once the clouds moved in around noon it became quite chilly. There are lots of birds around this morning and their bright colors are really making a very dull, foggy morning nice and bright. New birds are beginning to return from the south once again.

A male American Goldfinch changing from his winter coat to his summer coat.

Yesterday I heard a song sparrow singing, then later in the day there was a Tree Sparrow and a White-throated Sparrow out here with the juncos. There will be a lot more sparrows show up now, though because it is so late in the season, they will not likely stay around long.

There were 2 Fox Sparrows here earlier, but they have moved on already before I could get any pictures of them. I do have a lot from last year though. I am hoping the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks will show up again this year. I would still like to get some better pics of the female, I do not have many and they could be improved upon.

A beautiful male Purple Finch.

I think all of them are on cloudy, rainy days. It would be nice to get some of the female in the sun, even though she is not brightly colored. But pictures of birds in the sunlight are always better anyway. That is just my opinion however.

I like sunny pics, colors, even dull colors, are so much brighter and nicer looking. However, I will take pics on cloudy days, just to make sure I get a pic of a particular bird, otherwise I might lose out if I wait too long. And a pic on a cloudy day is better than no pic at all.

Mica, the Red Squirrel, surveying the area.

Well, I ended up getting a bit sidetracked this morning and it will not likely be morning when I post this. Sigh. Things happen. Muffin should be back tomorrow with her daily funnies to share with you all. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Thursday’s Thoughts, With Coffee. #17

  1. Lovely thoughts. I enjoy starting my day with a cup of coffee and observing the pigeons outside, while my cat is obsessed with hunting themπŸ˜…. I get to close the window and plan my day, yet it’s a true experience.

    Thanks for posting!

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  2. You do have some faithful β€œ friends” who have come by to get their treats ! Lots of robins around…probably looking for safe place to build their nests ! Thank you for sharing your time with us ! Rest well tonight ! πŸ˜»πŸ˜πŸ˜΄β—οΈ

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    • Yes, more and more birds are returning! I have yet to get a good pic of a robin, amazing for such a common bird. Hope you have a good night as well!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜»πŸŒ›πŸ˜΄


  3. Beautiful photos Steve! I have relocated these days and at my new place there are a few trees in front of the balcony and I have noticed a few cute little birds…here is prohibited to feed them but I hope I’ll be able to take some photos someday πŸ˜‰

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