Tuesday’s Tidbits, With Coffee and…oops! #19

Good morning everyone on this cool and wet Tuesday! We are certainly well below normal for temperatures here this spring. My personal guess is we are in for a cool and wet summer this year. And according to the latest long range forecast, it would seem that my guess is quite accurate because the actual forecast is for cool and wet this summer. That was easy. Unfortunately.

But perhaps we will both be wrong. That would be nice. I was really looking forward to a hot summer this year since we did not get one last year. Oh well. We get what we get. Speaking of bears. A wet summer will mean more food for them which will make it safer to be outside. In the rain. Not the best for taking pictures though. Like the last couple of days.

Female Evening Grosbeak at front and back with a male in the middle.

Very dull, gloomy type weather with rain and fog. Definitely not the best for photos. I think I have mentioned this before, but I prefer sunshine for photos, colors are just so much nicer and more vivid. Speaking of birds. I picked up sunflower seeds for them yesterday. If you only want to buy one kind of food for the birds, get sunflower seeds, all birds will eat them.

Those wild bird seed mixes are not so well liked by birds. Some birds like it and there are a few sunflower seeds in the mix, but not enough to satisfy seed hungry birds. After this batch of seeds is gone, then the birds will be on their own. I really was hoping to keep feeding a little longer this year, but that is not going to happen now.

Female American Goldfinch.

Speaking of oops. That happens to me a lot it seems. Like the bear destroying my main bird feeder. Which I will not be fixing. I can still hang a couple of bird feeders and the birds will have to make do with those now. Then there is losing my doctor, which I just found out about last week. Getting a doctor is next to impossible around here.

Male American Goldfinch.

Last I read there were around 6,000 people here looking for a doctor. Our population is 16,000. So that is a lot of people. And with all my health problems I do kind of need a doctor. No doctor, no medication. That is a bit problematic. Many of you know about my health problems already and that I am receiving a disability pension. Yesterday I found out that I was cut off that pension.

Due to a mixup at their office. But they blame me. Now, they could have called me and we likely would have been able to sort this out quite easily. But they decided on the drastic step of cutting me off completely instead. Sigh. Just two months and I would be going off the disability pension and going on Old Age Security. Yep, that is me. Oh well.

Male Evening Grosbeak.

Good thing I have stocked up on peanuts for the chipmunks. Muffin and I will be digging into those stockpiles too!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΎOops, just joking Muffin. As they say in the old country, “when it rains, we get wet.” Hmm, I should bring back those old country sayings again. Must be time for more coffee. And I think the birds are finally here for breakfast, kind of late today. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

16 Comments on “Tuesday’s Tidbits, With Coffee and…oops! #19

  1. I hope you get the doctor situation straightenend out soon. Didn’t you used to do a piece about old country sayings a while ago?

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    • Yes, I did use those old country sayings for a while, not quite sure why I stopped that one. The doc situation here has been bad for years now, usually they only stay for a year, one winter is enough to send them to warmer parts of the country! Plus some only stay a year, a mandatory requirement before they can set up practice in a larger city. That doesn’t really help us much though. Last time this happened it took me a year to get a new doctor. Thanks Herb!😊😸

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  2. Ah, Steve, I’m sorry to hear about this situation. I’m praying for you, it will work you better than you believe.

    Maybe after this, you’ll be able to earn a bigger pension, find a new doctor, and get healthy while saving money. Just dare to ask God.

    Have a great week! 🌞

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    • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Katherine! And thank you for praying for me, it is much appreciated. Yes, I believe that God will work things out for good in just the right way.
      Yes, we need to dare to ask God, there is nothing too hard for Him to do!
      Have a wonderful day Katherine!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Έβ˜•β˜•

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