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Daily Pics #191.

Good morning to everyone! It is a cloudy and cooler morning but still very nice to be out on the deck. Sir Charles, my early gull with a new name finally, was here first as usual and he enjoyed his breakfast while I stood… Continue Reading “Daily Pics #191.”

Daily Pics #113.

Good morning everyone!  Well, it seems like this problem with WP is quite widespread, so hopefully as more people let them know they will get things fixed for us.  When I got up this morning I could not believe my eyes, it was all… Continue Reading “Daily Pics #113.”

Sir George Is Back!

A big hello to all of you on this beautiful spring day!  I hope everyone is enjoying the return of spring.  At least, those of you who have spring, as I know some of you enjoy nice weather year round.  And…he’s back, as you… Continue Reading “Sir George Is Back!”

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