It Must Be Time For Coffee!

Hello everyone on this mostly sunny day in August!  It has cooled off quite noticeably today, such a difference from yesterday.  It is 11:30 am and it’s only 64F (18C).  That’s why I thought it might be better to have a slightly later coffee time today.  If you are not used to the cool temps you might want to wear a jacket or sweater.  I have lots of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milk tea available for everyone today.  Sheree has promised to bring some of her special vegan banana bread with her this time.  It sounds so good, I can’t wait to try some!  And we are off to a special spot down by the river.  It’s a bit of a walk, but not really that bad to the part we are going.IMG_5174

We will have to bring our own chairs with us this time and blankets for those who don’t mind just sitting on the ground.  I actually like that myself.  This area has a thick layer of pine needles on the ground making it very soft and comfortable to sit on.  It’s a nice sunny spot this time of day and completely sheltered from the wind so it should feel very nice there.  Plus there is also abundant shade for those who don’t want to be in the sun.IMG_5178

From here we get a good view of Kenora’s dam over there.  They are not letting much water through right now since it hasn’t rained much for a while.  That means less water coming into the lake.  So the river level has been dropping about 1 inch (2.5cm) each day for the last 2 weeks and is going to continue like that for another week at least.  So the current in the river isn’t so bad right now except out near the middle.IMG_5146

Still quite a few pelicans over by the dam too I see.  I brought binoculars so you can see them better.  They are remarkable birds.  And huge, I think I mentioned before they can have a wingspan of up to 10 feet (3 meters).  That’s bigger than our eagles.  Oh, look over there through the trees.  A pelican is coming in to join his friends over at the dam.  Well, I got a picture but it’s not the best.  I have trouble with moving targets!  But at least it shows up fairly well.IMG_5682

There is still a lot of bird life around though most have stopped singing now and just using their various chip, chirps and other call notes to keep in touch with their young ones as they teach them how to survive in the forest.  But, alas, many are starting to flock together, getting ready for their southward journey.  They are smart.  Heading to a nice warm place for the winter months.  That’s what I should be doing too.  Except I wouldn’t want to come back.  Hey, look over there.  A Canada goose is coming around from behind those rocks.  Wow, so nice and close too.  I hope you brought your cameras with you today.  That’s a real beautiful goose too, quite large.IMG_5803

Just look at the time.  These coffee times go by way too fast!  I certainly hope you have enjoyed it down here by the river.  I must admit, heading back is a bit harder since part of the path is uphill.  But there are a couple of nice level areas along the way where we can stop and rest if you need to.  And they are beautiful spots too with flocks of birds flying among the trees.

Well, I certainly hope you have enjoyed today.  Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



40 Comments on “It Must Be Time For Coffee!

  1. I like Canada Geese but my mom does not. She gets several on her lawn each year and when I was little, she would send me outside to chase them away. It was all fun and games until my dad saw her do this and made her stop. Canada Geese can be vicious if you get too close! Stay away from docks or they may chase you down the dock like they did to my cousin. She had nowhere to go but jump into the lake. Luckily I think my uncle came to the rescue (I wasn’t there to witness the event). So word of warning to those who have never chased a goose before! Just don’t do it. ✋

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    • You are right, they can be dangerous and can actually break a person’s leg with their wing! A peck from that beak would be no fun either. But the geese around here are actually very tame since they are used to having people around all the time, so it’s possible to get very close. The only bad time is when they have young, then stay away! They will protect their young! But also, you’re right, don’t chase them, just leave them alone and they will do the same. Like that with most wild animals really. Have a great day Hilary!😃😺🌞🌳

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      • Oh my! I didn’t know their wings were that powerful! Mothers can be extremely protective of their young. When we went to the Calgary stampede, we got to pet the baby horses even though they were each with a parent. Had the parents been mothers instead of fathers, we probably wouldn’t have been able to get so close to the baby horses. I believe that its the females who are more protective of their young than the males, as seen in other animal species. 😂😹🌞

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      • Actually it depends on the species, where both parents care for the young, then the male is first to protect, such as with geese. With horses, only the female generally protects since one male will have several females in his herd and doesn’t usually take part in raising the colts. Sorry, it goes with my years of studying animals.😀😂


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    • Thanks for stopping by for coffee Sheree! Yes, it is chilly and looks like it will stay that way now, our summer is over and we have now entered fall, a little earlier than normal by about a week. Enjoy your evening!😄😸

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    • Thank you so much for joining us for coffee Ross, always nice to have you here with us! It is a truly beautiful spot and so peaceful there. Thanks and enjoy your day as well!😃😸🌞🌳

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  3. Hello Steve 😊 beautiful walk and coffee break as usually! Amazing place and lovely view and pictures 👍
    The menu is extending as I see 😊 which is great for all people to join you 😸
    It’s kinda hard to shoot moving birds or animals but it’s a good shot though 😊
    Hope summer will stay for longer time to have more beautiful walks in nature 😊
    Have a great day 🌞🌞😸

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    • Thank you for reading Huguette! It really is a beautiful place and so peaceful, I could sit there for hours,😎 though never have for some reason.🤔 I might stay longer now though since summer is basically over and soon I won’t be able to go there anymore. Yes, moving birds are very hard to get since the distance keeps changing so it’s hard to focus on them.📷 But it’s better than nothing, always wanted to get a pelican in flight. Hope your day is going well Huguette!!😄😺🌞🌳

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      • Yes actually one can’t feel bored from such place 😊 especially that any moment you won’t be able to
        I’m sure you will have this shot one day 🌞
        All is great waiting for the airport pickup
        Have a great day 😊🌞

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