An August Day, Part 3.

Hello everyone on this another beautiful day!  It’s cloudy this morning, very heavy cloud, so it’s dark in here today.  Actually need to have lights on this morning.  And there has been a bit of light rain too.  But it’s supposed to clear.  Kind of cool today without the sun shining, just 61F (16C) and it’s lunch time.  Oh well, good weather to stay indoors with a cup of coffee and do some indoor stuff.  Like writing this post.  I’m glad it was a much warmer day when dad and I were out fishing.  So let’s continue with that story.

Some Canada geese on the river, adults at the back, young but nearly with full colors at the front.

It was time to have some lunch.  As you remember, dad had just sat on his sandwiches which gave me a good laugh.  And dad gave a kind of fake laugh.  Amazing how flat they got too.  Poor dad.  He was not having a good day.  And we were not catching any fish.  But it was a nice day to be on the lake.  Hardly any wind.  We decided to try a different spot, going further on the lake.  It really was a beautiful lake, not really large but it was odd shaped so that made it more interesting.  We got to this on spot where the granite rock went straight up from the lake about 200 feet (61 meters).  Did that ever look nice.  There was some nice tall pines on top.

A nice big rock by the river.

Looks like a good spot to try, said dad.  I mentioned that some clouds were moving in.  Nothing serious, said dad.  We stayed there fishing about half an hour.  Nothing.  There was a small beach so we decided to stop there and eat our lunch.  Dad sat on a log a good distance from me.  I asked why he was sitting so far away.  He said he was learning.  Not sure what he meant by that.  I tossed him another Pepsi.  He missed and it went behind the log.  Dad reached down to get it.  Wow, did he get it!  For a big man he could sure move fast!  With wasps following him!  He was waving his hat and yelling.  He was gone for quite a while.  But finally he returned.  You’re not having a good day, I said.  Dad just looked.  That’s why I sat on a rock, I said, it’s safer.  Amazingly he only got stung 3 times.

A small sandy beach spot.

We finished eating.  By now we could hear the thunder.  Better head back, said dad.  Good idea.  Off we went.  We were about half way back when the rain started.  It was a heavy, soaking rain.  We made it back but we were thoroughly soaked.  Good thing it’s warm today, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  Very odd.  Now we had to carry that boat back up that hill.  It wasn’t a big hill, but it was a very steep and rocky climb.  We had a 16 foot (5meter) aluminum boat and it was rather heavy.  We struggled and groaned and slipped a few times on that wet hill.

Down by the river.

Poor dad.  He hit his head on that boat at least 3 times.  We finally made it.  I went back for our stuff.  That took a couple trips.  Everything loaded up and off we went.  Did you get my tackle box, asked dad?  You said to leave it because you were going to get it, I reminded him.  We turned around.  Dad said he changed his mind and had told me to get his tackle box.  I never heard that.  Off I went to get it.  Slipped on the mud and got myself covered with mud all along one side.  Put the box in the car and off we went.  Dad looked at me.  You’re covered with mud and getting it all over the seat, said dad.  That’s because I slipped getting your box that you forgot, I reminded him.  Bonehead!  Ah, good, he’s enjoying himself again!

That was quite the day of not fishing.  Well, we tried anyway.  I hope you enjoyed part 3 and there will be more of our adventures coming up.  Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Pictures are not from our trip.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “An August Day, Part 3.

  1. well despite all the accidents and the hard time you seemed to have, but memories are always great and certainly funny as well 🙂 Thank you for sharing this part of your life and the pictures are lovely as usually 🌞🌞😸

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, this time I’m in a cooler place! 13°C at 11 am. Then it got colder! But I’m happy, very very happy! Now we breathe and we can sleep very well.
    Your memories are very good and funny!
    Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, it is always great with memories🌸and Steve, it is like a new memory to me too when I read your posts. You write so well, thank you.
    And your pictures are so beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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